Sunday, February 07, 2016

the weight waited for

hi there

i will be honest with you, i have quite a few pictures here in relation of what this post is about but, look you see, i am not sure i have enough text to go with them. or, indeed, if i should be doing this post. hey ho, if you read it all, i guess we shall find out together.

let's go, then, and in respect of not keeping you waiting, here we go with the first weighting....

that is indeed my fine blue jeans, an essential if not quintessential aspect of my controversial cowboy look, you can see holding an object of size steady as i ascertain the weight of it. the weight in, dear reader, the units of measurement which are associated with imperialism, for it reads out in the traditions of stone and pounds. half a stone is what it weighs, if you were asking.

should you be asking further questions on this, in particular just what it is that i am busy weighing, the answer is below, presented in the loving format of Commodore 64 mode with the scan lines on.

yes. as you can clearly see, it is my very smart indeed poster for the motion picture Wild At Heart. it is indeed a most awesome thing, and it was very much an awesome gift that i got.

i've given this story before here - hence the weighing but we shall get to that - but for those interested, when i moved back home after a while away, Mum & Dad had bought this poster and had it hanging in my what was then new bedroom. no, i don't think Mum or Dad have ever seen the film, and i am not at all sure it was their cup of tea, but they were aware of the fact that i loved the movie.

actually, weirdly, Mum & Dad might like it. i didn't for one minute think that Dad would get through the first ten minutes of The Big Lebowski, yet it turned out to be a film he now considers to be one of the greatest ever made. perhaps i will pick up a copy of it and send it to them.

do i have a set of scales that measure things in the imperial way? no. how did i manage to get it weighed, then? well, i don't know about all of you, but i find that when there's a problem or something that needs doing, turning to Gran tends to get it sorted out.

it's not quite right to say Gran was "confused" by the poster, as that's an incorrect word. she was surprised about me having this one, though. for all the time i lived with her and Gramps on the farm she was used to the absolutely massive poster for Taxi Driver i had over my bed. a poster that i still very much have, and one that i am uncertain would ever happen to it that which is going to happen to the Wild At Heart one.

doesn't, you speculatively suggest, the world more or less operate on the principles of the heathen measurements of metric now? why yes, sadly it does. fortunately, Gran also has a scale which does metric. very handy for the times when one of her grandchildren wishes to weigh a poster.

for what reason is it that one would wish to weigh a poster? well, in this instance, it's because the poster is going to be going away. soon (i promise, if you who will receive is reading) this poster which i have cherished for twenty or so years shall be on its way to a new home.

how come, or why? well, we will get to that just now, but to pad the text out a bit around all these pictures i have taken, here's a look at the poster in the other Commodore 64 mode thing i have for the camera.

a few years ago - quite possibly when i was getting everything packed up and ready to move home - i did a blog post on selected highlights of my poster collection. someone stumbled upon that recently and asked if i would consider selling the poster. i said that i would not.

i did, however, say that i was happy to give it away to someone that would look after it and put it on display, so long as we could do "business" on the shipping costs. they tried to persuade some actual payment for the poster itself, but i broke them down and we brokered a deal along the lines of what i said.

any chance of a somewhat confused by it all Gramps with the Wild At Heart poster? there most certainly is indeed, and here you go.

how could i sell the poster, exactly? i would have no idea on an actual market value, but i do know that it was, indeed is, priceless to me. Mum & Dad got that one for me with a lot of love and care for what it is that i dig in this world. yes, that means it's a tiny bit heartbreaking to see it go, but to me it is sadder to have it sat in a corner not on display when there's someone out there in the world who would love to put it up on display and show it off to the people around them.

also, Mum & Dad might be somewhat quite surprised to see that i still have it anyway!

a look at the poster for Wild At Heart in a mode that is most decidedly not Commodore 64 in nature? i cannot think why you would want to see such a thing, but here you go.

is this the first time i have given up a poster that is both awesome to look at and one that i dearly love? no, not at all. as i was getting ready to move home i took the supposedly difficult but actually very easy decision to deliver unto my dear friend Maria my most smart Blade Runner poster. hopefully, as i trust shall be the case with this one, that's still on display somewhere, being admired by the people, with those aware of the origins saying "that Lee isn't so bad all of the time, you know" or something like that.

so, now that i know this poster weighs "about" 4kgs including packaging and in the most heathen of metric measurements, i can move on to the phase which sees me ship it. which i will try and do soon.

is it the case that i have gone right ahead and got the very finest of packaging materials what Pound Land has to offer to wrap it up in? yes, of course.

wrapping up a poster, or anything for that matter, requires some skill, patience and care that, if we are honest, i do not have. i shall get my (considerably) better half to sort that end of it out, then.

this right here is the part where i should be writing how sad and sorry i am to see the poster go, but i cannot. yes i love it dearly and the reasons as to how and why i came to have it will forever be close to my heart, but something so amazing wants and needs to be on display, appreciated.

right, let me move it on to the next stage, then. fingers crossed i find a reasonably priced shipping agency, for it will be going on a voyage over land and sea......

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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