Saturday, February 20, 2016

fish fighting for food

hey there

regular readers - those who have, look you see, endured this blog for over a decade - will be aware of the fact that my present verk does not get mentioned as frequently or as often as the verk i did which was distinctly, and in a very real sense, south of the equator. there is good reason for this. as i've mentioned, or if you like written, here in recent times, my verk involves a great deal of intrigue, mystery, importance, international concerns, state security, privacy and of course lashing of sex and danger. in particular, but not exclusively, when it involves concrete. a consequence of all this is that i am not in a position to discuss too much of it.

every now and then, however, there's an element or aspect which warrants the observation of a wider audience. a recent episode in which fish were encourage to evolve at a somewhat accelerated rate was such an element, aspect or incident.

before we proceed, as he has not given me either tacit or explicit permission to mention his name, and just because the fish are his quasi-responsibility, please note that i did not expressly say that this was all the work of Ben. that's B-e-n Ben, he who is responsible for "dropping" some "proper smart" music on us, and is indeed one of them millennial types which i speak so fondly of from time to time here.

yes, that's right, the food for the fish has been placed on the outside of the fish tank which provides a rudimentary home, or if you like swimming space, for the fish. you may well think it is normal for fish food to be placed on the inside of such predominantly water housing; i can assure you that the fish themselves would on the whole be almost certain of this. but no, on the outside it is.

what's the hope or intention here? difficult to say, really, as the person who did it (again, i did not say Ben) just looked at me in silence when i asked. yeah, that's how secretive what we do is, and well done B.., well done to the person who i spoke to about it. i can freely speculate, however.

my best guess is that this is all some magnificent, if not splendid, experiment to see if we can't speed up considerably the rate at which fish evolve. if they want to eat then they must learn to live without water. this is not much to ask; it would only take a few seconds to get out, get the food and, in the words off of 50% of the 50% of The Beatles still alive (at time of writing), get back. also, i suppose, it could be some metaphorical, allegorical, symbolic sort of thing, you know - using the plight of fish ardently expecting food yet being denied to illustrate the food shortage the planet apparently has, or to give a clear indication of how we are knacking oceans and thus knacking the fish, as them Greenpeace ones go on and on about if you invite them to do so.

would you be right in thinking that a lot of what we do involves experimentation with freshwater based life? not really, no. mostly we are custodians and guardians of the most precious resource we humans have, which is language. most of our day is a lot like Immigrant Song off of Led Zeppelin, only way cooler and less likely to get us arrested.

anyway, onwards i go.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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