Sunday, February 07, 2016

the minecraft song

hello darling

usually it would be the case, look you see, that when i do a post of this nature i would be asking you, the reader, just what song it is playing. in this instance i happen to know exactly, or if you like precisely, what song it is but i thought i would share for the sake of it. also, as posts during the verking week are not always as forthcoming as they could be, it gives you something to read if looking for updates here.

William has, for much of the day, been bopping along to a song about the game Minecraft. he asked me to see if i could find it for him so he could play it on his walkman like mp3 player. i did indeed rush to take video and images of it so that someone could tell me what it was, but as it turns out it is in fact just called The Minecraft Song.

what is this Minecraft business? basically it's like a massive computer game version of Lego but there's more to it than that and i suspect you don't need me to tell you such. the 75% of my family that you all like a lot more than you like me love the game and are very good at it. i just find the controls too fiddly.

songs about computer games are quite smart, i suppose. ones about computers themselves are even better. did you know, for instance, that every great song you have ever heard was influenced by a Commodore 64? weirdly, all rubbish songs were influenced by a ZX Spectrum. a perfect example of this is found in the works of Van Halen. when they were cool, which is to say when David Lee Roth was in the band, they had a Commodore 64 available to them. when Diamond Dave left he took the Commodore 64 with him. Sammy Hagar turned up in a laughable attempt to replace him, but he brought a ZX Spectrum with him, which is part of the reason why all the songs they did with Hagar were rubbish. the only exception to this are the songs that were really rubbish, and they were done when Hagar's ZX Spectrum was at the mender and they had to use an Amstrad instead.

anyway, thanks for not helping me find what this song is as i already know.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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