Monday, February 01, 2016

but without the snow

hey there

not a lot, really. this post is the usual for the first day of the month, look you see - something slammed together on the off chance that anyone who cares to comes past here at the start or if you like commencement of a new month, sees nothing and assumes that the blog is, or possibly that i am, quite dead. this is not the case, so far as i am aware.

yes, that would indeed be Roseberry Topping on a clear, beautiful blue day from the weekend which has just been. not bad for the end of January, considering how two or so weeks ago there was more than a smattering of snow over this most magnificent of sights.

i thought that, for some reason, someone might want to see this without the snow. if you did, and you're reading this, then that's just smart that is, and makes me feel like all of this that i do here is not so much of a waste.

what's this image, and why does it look familiar? it's the 'slut' t-shirt which Spiros kindly arranged for a pornographer from Austria what specialises in homoerotic entertainment to send on to me. at the request of Spiros, since it was too small for me, i have posted it to him, so you are now looking at it as it is sat on a desk in London, no less.

it arrived for him at his place of verk today, which is interesting. today is Monday, and i only posted it on Saturday. i posted it, i should stress, second class on Saturday. i did so to let him know what an absolute peasant he is. and yet Royal Mail cheeked me by delivering it the very next available working day; a service theoretically reserved for first class alone, not that they do deliver that the next working day.

i do really rather like the approach Royal Mail has here, mind. it would seem, going on this experience, that they view any mail for London - in particular certain Canary Wharf addresses - as a priority for mail delivery, and so deliver there straight away, no matter what class of stamp is used. they probably just compensate for this by having a "whenever" approach with us in the north, delivering 1st class as and when it suits them, rather than as and when whoever paid for it expected it to be delivered.

indeed i believe i will test this out. let me go to the pound shop at get Spiros some prophylactics, or maybe some sanitary items, and post them with a second class stamp on them. if he gets them the next day, then we will know my theory above is correct.

anyway, that will do. hope your month has got off to a most excellent start, and that it continues to get even better.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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