Friday, February 19, 2016

roll 'em under the bridge

hello there

yesterday was quite a busy day, as it happens. it was, look you see, a day for much merriment and celebration; something that shall no doubt prevail as a sense through a few more blog posts after this one. but first, this one, and a celebration of the wonders of traditional technology.

if you are looking at the above and thinking "hey, that looks like the swing bridge off of Whitby as seen on a clear, crisp (hello, Faye), chilled yet beautiful February day", then your thoughts do not in this instance betray or disappoint you. that is indeed what the picture is of.

our arrival was not at a time as such that i could take footage of this famous swing bridge opening, but i could take some video of a boat, or if you like ship, passing through. here you go, and indeed you can catch a glimpse of the 75% of my family who you all like more than you like me.

there is a rich and lengthy history to this swing bridge, and all sorts of fascinating facts related to it. someone else, not me, would however be better placed to tell you all about all of that, i just thought i'd throw out some footage for you. whether you are a friend or family member who has not seen this for a while, if ever, or a random stranger who is for some reason of a mind that my blog is the place to go for interesting stuff, enjoy.

James was certainly of a mind to enjoy watching the wonders of how a harbour works. this isn't the best image ever taken, but see if you can spot him as he stands and watches the ships, or if you like boats - vessels, perhaps - coming in and going out. although actually they mostly just not so much as stood as they did floated there, where they were anchored or docked.

whist i did not get any footage of the bridge opening for you i did indeed get some of it closing.

did i deliberately hang around by the side of it to get some footage? yes and no. i did quite deliberately hang around, but not so much explicitly for footage as it was the case that they do not let you cross the bridge whilst it is swung open. they be all nancy boy about it; making you wait for it to be safe to cross before allowing you to do so.

the question you have is an understandable one, and i am sorry i do not know the answer. i am perhaps showing my age with the cultural reference, but yes, i would imagine that Wayne and Garth off of Wayne's World would thoroughly enjoy standing by this bridge and pointing out that it does a swing movement.

right, onwards with the remainder of my day, then - let me see what adventures it brings. probably not, i would suspect, any swing bridge action, for any bridge which i am due to cross today would not have elements to it which suggests it was meant to swing.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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