Sunday, February 07, 2016

listen, short for a stormtrooper

hey there

wowee, Sunday already. cripes, look you see, a Sunday that is a week before the day we celebrate the Valentine - best i make my way to Pound Land to see what gifts i can get my beloved, then. but before i do that, a couple of images for you.

i am aware of the fact that in recent times you have put up with or if you like tolerated far more images of me than you would normally willingly do so. to make amends for this, here you go, here's an update on the preferred 66% of the 75% of my family that you all, rather wisely, like more than you like me.

first up, here's William with a certificate, or if you like award, that he was rather proud to have won, or indeed be awarded. we are of course proud of him too, but i will be qualifying that pride in a predictable yet accurate way....

yes, that is indeed a Listener Of The Week certification he has there. well done, son, and your Mummy, or if you like my (considerably) better half, and i are very much looking forward to seeing and experiencing these listening skills and prowess being deployed in and around the home.

actually, listening has never been much of a problem, in fairness, for him or for his brother. it's that bit where they are anticipated or expected to act in a specific way after listening than the stumbling blocks tend to avail themselves.

no such certificates for James at the present time, but they will come along again no doubt. in the mean time, though, here he is experiencing one of the few items of marketing and merchandising that Disney have made available for that whole Space Battles revival.

yes, that's one of them new look "stormtrooper" things, the soldiers that run around hunting down the Vulcans or whatever they are in that film. James was most impressed with this, but did not ask if he could have it. i believe he is wise enough to know that the £129.99 price tag for this massive new look stormtrooper statue toy thing was somewhat excessive.

why do the stormtroopers look different in the new Star Wars film and indeed the much loved and celebrated "prequels"? totes simples answer. whilst the film makers suggest it is to "show the evolution" of the dark forces or other such rubbish, a bloke in England owns the design rights to the "classic" look from the first three films. using that design then means that he makes coins of money from it, and i believe Disney are of a mind that they alone should make coins of money off of it all, not anyone else that had done work on it.

anyway, let me get on with my Sunday, which would seem to require me to head to Pound Land to see what romantic gifts of love they have for sale, despite the fact that their pricing is slightly more than what i intended to spend on my celebration of love.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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