Tuesday, February 09, 2016

vintage dairy

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when it comes to aged liquid i do appreciate, look you see, that most people think of things like whisky and wine. brandy, too perhaps - generally liquid what has got alcohol of some description in it. i, you may not be too surprised to learn, take a slightly different stance on this one. each passing year that sees me roam the lands of this planet sees me seek out particular vintages of dairy products.

have i got the right word? i think a diary is the one you write, where as dairy is right for when you want to write about farmyard produce, predominantly off of cows. cows that now, alas, i no longer monitor for takeover plans, for i am seldom stood by a field with them in. anyway.

it is widely regarded amongst dairy / diary connoisseurs that february tends to yield the very finest vintage of milk that one could obtain at any point of a year. i do not know why this is the case, or for that matter why the milk which is dated 18 of that month is particularly superior; it just is.

just so we are reasonably clear, no i do not mean that people should store milk with dates on it for many years as they do with wine. it's more that milk, or for that matter any dairy product, of a certain expiry date is superior to others.

the ways in which those who bottle the milk and sell it know which is the date by which it must be consumed is remarkable, and quite beyond my understanding. i can only assume that dairy farms around the world elect to employ some sort of "cow whisperer" that is capable of ascertaining from the cows knowledge and information pertaining to when the cows believe the milk will be knacked.

the term, or if you like phrase, "peak" is getting used quite often these days. it's a catchy term people are selecting to use to describe the pinnacle, the zeitgeist or if you like the upper most height that something will reach, and it shall never get better. i find this somewhat limiting, as it suggests that we've given up, that nothing will ever get better again.

that said, it's hard to see the below - which i have accidentally uploaded upside down, it's not apple or blogger at fault - as anything but us reaching "peak Star Wars merchandising".

what is all of that? it's Star Wars endorsed toothpick / floss things. i've not seen the new film yet, but i do believe that it's an image of the one they call Kylo Ren on the packaging. i am guessing, then, that dental hygiene and tooth care is a big part of the character. otherwise the above is just a case of Disney slamming Star Wars on absolutely everything they can think of just to make money, and that's not the Disney we know.

are my views on vintage dairy concerning february limited to milk? mostly yes, but sometimes no. not often, but every now and then, i will indulge in Greek peasant dairy produce, so long as the vintage is of the same satisfactory date as the milk.

yes i know that them in that picture shows olives and olives are not, strictly speaking, dairy products (or diary for that matter) but ignore them and concentrate on the feta.

feta is boss, so it is, to be sure. the vast majority of the world would see feta cheese as one of the highest levels of luxury things they could ever eat, and yet in Greece it is seen as something made by peasants for peasants. the peasant population of Greece must live like kings, man.

did i do anything today other than look for particular vintages of dairy products? yes i did. i strolled to the village, conducted some business with the post office and then watched several hotly contested pancake races on the green.

unlike fetal festivals for peasants in Greece, the annual pancake races are reserved for the patronage of only the most exclusive of VIP members of our community, which is how i came by meeting Auntie whilst there.

did we enjoy watching the pancake racing? yes, mostly, although the muddy conditions have played all sorts of havoc with our quality footwear. i imagine such things do not have any bearing on feta festivals in Greece, as i doubt very much that the peasants that attend it have shoes of any description. sandals at best, i suppose.

anyway, if you are having some diary or dairy products whilst you read this or not long after, i hope that they are most thoroughly enjoyable.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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