Wednesday, February 24, 2016

compact trash

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well, this was inevitable. i watched, as commented on, The Martian recently. this is a fairly new film which has been widely well received good reviews, look you see. the only way i was going to go after that with my viewing habits was to return, or if you like revert, to trash.

trash it maybe be that i chose to watch, in particular when engaged in some hardcore, heavy duty, no nonsense ironing, but at least it is usually watchable if not entertaining trash. for some reason i feel more or less compelled to post a review of every film i watch (a blog is, after all, supposed to be all me! me! moi! me! Me!); let me not go and break that habit right now.

i did not, as point of fact, watch Movie 43 whilst ironing. i watched it last night, with the decision to watch it tying in quite nicely with my discovering that there were no CSI or NCIS repeats to watch. also, Spiros sent it on to me, so it felt polite to watch.

Movie 43 was one that i had heard of in passing. what i was hearing in passing was that it was awful, as several reviews have indicated. Spiros, however, reckoned it was one of the funniest things what he had ever seen, hence him kindly buying (or perhaps shoplifting) a copy of it and sending it to me.

Spiros, as it turns out, was not at all misguided or wrong in his review. i laughed really, really hard at this film, as it is mostly outrageously funny.

is it a film for everyone? absolutely, indeed distinctly, not. most of the reviews suggest in slamming it that the humour is all lowest common denominator stuff - private body parts of shame, bodily fluids and bodily actions are where a substantial, if not entire, amount of the humour is drawn. and it just happens to be ridiculously, offensively funny in this respect. if you're prudish, sensitive or really do not approve of - in some instances in a very literal sense - toilet humour, then avoid. even if you are a big fan of Richard Gere, who happens to be present in the cast.

on that note, i see the DVD box says that this film has "the biggest cast ever asembled". i did not count, but off the top of my head i am sure i saw more people in, for instance, Spartacus. that it does not live up to this claim is not too much of an issue.

a video of my smart little solar powered statue of The King, Elvis Presley to break up the two reviews a bit for you? certainly, why not.

yeah, whenever His sun beats down on Him, off He goes, doing that smart dance move. it is great to watch, and i think a fitting way to remember that He, The King, Elvis Presley, is with us always.

there is next to no point in hiding away or pretending that what i did, as point of fact, watch whilst ironing is pure, unadulterated, exploitative, gritty, horrific trash. pretty well made, sure, but Rogue River is not for everyone in a far greater or worse sense that Movie 43 is not.

plot? well, i note i didn't do that for Movie 43, and there would be little sense in giving you the one for this, either. to do so would more or less be to give the film away.

content? little or no nudity (some dude in his undies), extremely graphic depictions of injuries, a great deal of coarse and offensive language, some barbaric and brutal scenes of torture, one or two very unsettling and disturbing things also. all in, say 80 minutes or so.

the stand out, or if you like outstanding, part of this film that i walk away with is that it was very well made despite the limited merits of it and presumably quite limited target market. the acting was rather good, and it felt like a film that had a substantial budget. often one finds these cheap and nasty, direct to disc horror films - in particular when released through After Dark - are little more than vanity projects by aspiring makers of films that scraped enough cash together to shoot something or other. may the cast and crew of this get to use their talents in something which is, on the whole, rather more pleasant to watch.

hmn. i seem to have just reviewed two films that i did not consider to be a complete waste of time, yet have a hard time suggesting that people watch them. well, if you've been curious about either or both and for some reason my comments help your thinking on whether to watch or not, nice one!

more than this, no doubt, later!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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