Wednesday, February 24, 2016

belated birthday blog

hello there

i would say, if it were true look you see, that i have some time to catch up with a few posts here. i do not, alas, but am instead sneaking away from some other stuff to do this. well, if i leave stuff about my birthday for much longer it would be one not so much looking at the one just gone but rather be left open to be interpreted as being in anticipation of the next one. it is, after all, only 51 or so weeks away now.

what did i get to do for my birthday, or if you like the annual anniversary of my given date of birth? mostly what i wished, which was spend time with my family. and not just time with my family, but also time with my family in one of them sketch booth things that i think are so smart.

why do i think them machines are so smart? i just do. weirdly i have a quasi-history of our family in this format, for we have some tucked away somewhere that were taken in the machines at Sun City, both before James came along, after James and before William and with all four of us.

it is getting quite tricky, to say the least, for all four of us to fit into the machine now. well, ostensibly the machine booth is designed but for one person. if we can't get in them any more, i guess we shall just have to look back at what a good ride we had with them.

beyond family time i also was the recipient of many, many kind birthday wishes, both from home and abroad, and indeed from friends, family members and random strangers. also, Google wished me a happy birthday.

that was, i think, a really nice touch of them, and not at all any sign of them using and abusing the massive amount of data they store about absolutely everyone. several insurance brokers and others that would like me to engage with them in business that would see me hand over coins of money also forwarded wishes, but none sent the kind of smart picture what Google did.

a selfie by the sea of me and my (considerably) better half, with me wearing my very smart bomber hat? for sure, here you go.

we did, as earlier posts have pretty much revealed, head off towards Whitby for the day. it was a rare sunny day off of that week, although as the attire we have on shows you it remained somewhat chilly.

if for some reason further photographic evidence was required that we did indeed go through to Whitby for the day, i can only imagine that this picture would meet that requirement, no?

for many people, or at least those that mark and celebrate their birthday (don't ask), cake is a customary item to be presented and consumed as part of the ceremonies. i am almost certainly no different to the many in this regard, and here is the most splendid cake prepared for me for that day by my (considerably) better half.

it would be nice to say that them numbers are wrong, but alas no. weird, though, as it only feels like about nine years since i was a hedonistic 34 year old. my my, how time flies, etc.

Google and several insurance brokers were, as mentioned above, very kind in being forthcoming with wishes for me for my birthday. my pension fund administrators were, alas, not so kind as them. they were not particularly kind at all, in truth.

from the above, and in accordance with the bizarre way my chosen pension fund administrator elects to work, i can only assume that they have deduced i am not quite of retirement age as such as yet. it is, i suppose, most kind of them to know that i am to continue in my path of verk, for i am still apparently young enough to do so. and expected to, i suppose.

another, quite possibly final, look at me and the family in one of them sketch booth thingies? sure, and in this one you can see how much of a struggle it is getting to be to get all of us in. and yeah, i can see that it is me, or if you like i, that takes up the most space.

this all feels like rushed writing to me. sorry if it does to you, but i am in something of a rush, i fear - plenty to be getting on with.

another selfie by the sea of me and my (considerably) better half? why certainly, with this one showing off the beautiful blue sky we had on the day that was the day.

my sister asked of i was now effectively living in my bomber hat. the answer is yes. i did - briefly - take it off, only to ask my self just what the devil i was doing, and so i put it back on.

and, to finish off, then, here i am in my most splendid bomber hat, next to a most splendid birthday present, blowing out the candles on the cake we all saw before.

i would like to assure you that the cake was most tasty. also, i would like to assure you that if my beard and moustache looks grey in the above picture, it is the smoke off of the candles and not me actually going grey.

if you were one of the many (i think i got over a hundred) who sent me a message of congratulations and good wishes, i trust i responded directly but regardless, thank you one and all again.
off to do stuff!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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