Monday, February 22, 2016

please do not remove

hi there

well, heck. believe it or not, look you see, i actually have a stack of stuff to update here. yes, granted, a substantial amount of it relates to my birthday shenanigans which i know many could not care less of, but there's other stuff too. the pressures, alas, of verk, family, traffic and generally being an intriguing man of mystery prevent me the time needed to do so many updates.

i'll roll out what i can of what i have over the next week or so, but for a quick one, here's a most splendid, thoughtful and kind gift what i got off of Spiros today. well, this and many a more other splendid things, but this is so thoughtful and kind and, indeed, splendid.

if that, to you, looks like a really crappy and cheap pen with "please do not remove" written on it, that would be because it is in fact a really crappy and cheap pen with "please do not remove" written on it. that's not where the value comes from, though.

Spiros was in a meeting, or attending to some sort of matter, when he saw that pen. he thought to himself, right, that if i had that written on my pens then no one would take them. rather than suggesting i write it on pens myself as such, he thought it would be better to simply take that one, pre-written so to speak, and send it to me.

indeed that is an official diary for the London Taxi Association Benevolent Fund that it is sat on, and again yes that is another gift from Spiros. his punching London taxi drivers in the face is getting so passionate that he thought he had best buy a few items to raise funds for their well being. apparently this was easier and more practical than ceasing from punching them in the face.

well, there you have it. more as and when i get the chance, darlings.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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