Monday, February 15, 2016

beaten by the snow

hello there

today was, look you see, a rough day. it was testing for me and a great many people out there. why? because snow came both overnight and this morning, and came with some anger.

those of you who read the celebratory post of my new hat yesterday will appreciate we were warned that it was on the way, but my word did it make its presence felt. whilst certain parts of the world get it a lot worse than we had - our friends in America and Canada, for example, have tres snow presently - i can only play the hand i am dealt, and the cards i got today said fold.

the above image was taken in the late stages of this afternoon. yes, at a time when i should have been at verk, but was not. the snow which had fallen and laid was up from the road to be all but level with the kerb of the pavement. the whole thing looked like an ice rink, and any effort i made to drive on it - in particular with my unique "hit and hope" style to driving and my inexperience of driving on ice rinks - would have resulted in a crash. me getting injured or knacking my car is one thing, but outside of Spiros i would not ever put another life at risk.

whilst i cannot disclose too much about the verk i do - except to suggest that it involves a lot of danger, sex, intrigue, mystery, mayhem and world safety - it is a job that mostly sees me writing. thankfully, then, with the kind support and understanding of those at verk, i was able to do most of my usual job from the safety of home, thus avoiding the risk of knacking anyone or anything with my efforts at driving.

in order to avoid cabin fever, or going stir crazy, i took a break from my verk at home to take a stroll. i did so after it had stopped actually snowing, and when the Sun was visible enough so as to melt away fragments of that which had fallen.

everyone needs to take a break whilst verking, after all. and, anyway, it really is lovely to walk upon the crunchy, crisp (hello, Faye) snow which has fallen on us.

yeah, that there right in that picture is me walking around in my smart cowboy look in the snow. i know a cowboy look is not a usual one to project or portray in the snow, but i thought i'd experiment a bit - really mix things up and see how the stark, bold contrasting style would work out.

pretty well, really, as my feet remained dry in the brown boots i insist are cowboy ones purely as they are brown. as for the rest of the look, undoubtedly people who passed me by thought i looked like a d!ck but then people who think that of me probably do that no matter what i have on.

earlier today, then, when the snow was falling with some passion and enthusiasm for falling.

i do appreciate that a picture tells you little of the speed and the passion with which snow was falling, it just shows you that some did. here you go, then a video of sorts of it for you to watch.

driving in it, even when it does not lay on the road, is not fun. how best can i describe the experience? you know that thing they do in Star Wars when they jump into hyper space? where all the stars stretch out in beams of light, giving a quasi-3D sense that leaves you dizzy and a bit disorientated? like that.

happy news, for i do really rather enjoy travelling to verk in order to do verk, is that the falls have stopped, and at this stage the roads are reasonably clear. i am rather hopeful, optimistic and confident of being able to drive without fear tomorrow.

a massive sized 13 brown cowboy boot footprint in the snow? certainly; i suspect the chap who made these boots for me in Zimbabwe or somewhere like that never imagined that his work would touch the fluffy frozen ways occasionally adopted by the rain north of the equator.

i probably should not include a smart boot foot print off of me here on this blog. some devious soul might use this to fake my presence at some sort of crime or politically motivated interval. if they did do that and it was successful, mind, it would show that evidently the quality of blueberry camera phone pictures are not quite so bad as i presume to assume. not every cloud has snow, then, but there you go, this one has a silver lining of sorts.

off i go, then, to wave a fist at the skies above me, threatening them with my anger if they elect to snow once more again overnight.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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