Thursday, February 18, 2016

offerings unto The King


let us not, look you see, beat around any sort of bush or be under any misconceptions here. a great passion of mine, and best this be a passion of yours, is paying respect and homage to The King, Elvis Presley. i was thrilled by the fact i could, on today of all days, be afforded a great chance to pay suitable respect and generous homage to him.

i am, i freely accept, merely a pilgrim making my way through the world along the lower levels set as established for the lesser members of society. it was a thrill, then, for me to be able to visit an altar set up, apparently, for the purpose of us lesser souls to be able to make an offering to The King, Elvis Presley.

this, i would grant you if you so observed, is not the normal sort of thing one would expect from an altar as such, in particular due to the as yet unexplained presence of bracelets, or if you like amulets, featuring Minecraft branding in an in all likelihood unlicensed way. on a practical level, however, this altar works very well indeed as it makes it a good deal easier to offer coins of money to The King, Elvis Presley so that he may be pleased by your offering of coins of money to him.

also, the altar is made all the more splendid by the fact that one is entertained by The King, Elvis Presley as one makes their humble offering towards him. here, appreciate the dynamics of this by watching this video clip, should your browser support it.

you hardly need me to tell or remind you of the immense generosity of The King, Elvis Presley. in the light of this, it will not be a shock or surprise to learn to you that, through the conduit of this altar, every now and then He returns coins of money which have been offered unto him by a most magnificent and splendid "drop chute" thing, which i did not film or picture alas.

it is quite possible that this happens when a pilgrim is deemed worthy by The King, Elvis Presley to be awarded one of His many coins of money. it is also possible, however, that He elects to do this only when a particular coin of coins of money displeases Him, and so the action is Him rightly rejecting the inferior offering with some contempt.

i would say that i could quite contentedly put all of my life savings, or if you like net worth, into this altar of offering for The King, Elvis Presley, but in fairness the 20p or so - of which He returned 12p to me - more or less covers that.

let me leave you to ponder upon how you may make better offerings to The King, Elvis Presley as you go forward in life, and also with the hope that your day was as clearly satisfactory as mine was.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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