Saturday, February 20, 2016

things look even better with snow

hello there

yes, you may well rejoice, look you see at this - there will be few words from me to blemish this particular article. pictures, for the most part, shall be dominant.

my (considerably) better half - 33% of the 75% of my family whom you all like a lot more than you like me - went from a stroll around the part of the world in which we live whilst the last remnants of the recent snow lingered on. she took some pictures and kindly forwarded them on to me to share here, so here we go.

is the reason for forwarding them so as to show off how class and clever she is at pictures and that? no, far from it alas - she would be far too modest and shy in doing such a thing. my (considerably) better half, however, knows and appreciate that many a friend and family i have who are now abroad from home, and she felt they might like to see them.

i think that's train tracks, or a railway line in that picture. if there was a train on it we would know for sure, but of course as is the case with buses, the idea of trains is now to run as few as them as is possible, unless it is in London.

yes, i agree, and have always agreed - the touches of snow upon our beautiful part of the world does make some elegant scenes to craft pictures from. that clear, crisp (hello, Faye) and blue sky certainly helps too. it's just no fun at all, look you see, to live and work in snow.

mindful of the standard i set above, i am certain that the above is a road, even without a car, truck or similar to show off that this is a road. it's not, after all, like there would be any danger of a bus being on it.

how am i doing in keeping the words down? good. well, i must be doing good if you are still hear and reading this. and yes, that is indeed Roseberry you can see. she, he, it does kind of dominate our landscape, so long as you happen to be looking in the direction of where Roseberry is.

that's it, then, for these pictures at the least and also more or less for the snow. clumps of it linger still here and there, but mostly it has gone.

many thanks indeed to my (considerably) better half for sending them on, and i hope all of you either familiar with or interested in our part of the world have enjoyed the views!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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