Thursday, February 11, 2016

where men meet

hey there

sorry, nothing much at all of interest here for you, and in truth i am somewhat tired, look you see. drawing verk to a close some thirty minutes early simply led to 90 minutes sat in the car, due to the constabulary closing down a 10 square mile of the province to attend to a most unpleasant and apparently quite furious disagreement between a car and a bicycle. who won? no one.

still, an update is in order. if i leave this blog unattended for more than a couple of days it brings the false dawn of hope to many that i am deceased, or otherwise no longer in a coherent enough state to do anything bar be not of the living. apologies for dampening your enthusiasm if you are of the legion that live with that day as a beacon of hope; alas it has yet to dawn.

Spiros, my dear old bum chum, has troubled me with some more pictures. as the pictures i have so eagerly been anticipating from New Zealand (hello, Dad) have yet to clear "internet customs" and arrive in my email, here is a hint of what Spiros has sent me.

indeed those are skis rather recklessly attached to a wall, and those would appear to be logs. the whole thing, i believe, is designed to give the impression that one is in a ski lodge. except they are not.

the above is the first of several (well, three) images which Spiros has sent me of his new "hang", which to you and i translates as an establishment which he hasn't been barred from and in which he can drink ale and make merry with men. speaking of which.....

this new bar or pub or lodge that Spiros has elected to become a patron of must be quite draining for him, as apparently he is now getting through - as a minimum - a packet of these bad boys a day. are you supposed to take so many? no idea, but if Boots were all that bothered then perhaps they should not have sold him quite so many, and if Boots do not care i see no reason why i should.

what's the name of this new bar for men that Spiros has become a patron of? it's called Asper, or Aspen, or Speran or something like that. somewhere in London, i suppose, is where one will find it. i am not sure where, but if you got in one of them class black cab things and instructed the cabbie to take you to a place where men meet men i dare say that you would end up there, whatever it is called, what with Chariots closing down.

indeed yes, Chariots being no more was one of the principal reasons for Spiros finding a new "fun club", so to speak.

the really, really weird thing is that when Spiros told me the name of this place and i actually remembered it, right, i did one of them "google" search things and found that the place with that name in London closed down around January 2015. i am somewhat confused, then, as to if this is a place which has simply helped itself to the name, if the place is the same and the proprietors have done one of them "phoenix" tricks to more or less f*** over the tax man and creditors, if i simply imagined that Spiros sent all of this, or if Spiros had a dream about all of this in a drunken slumber underneath a head and sent me pictures off of the "magic camera" he takes into his dream world with him from time to time.

will i, at any stage soon, be going to London to find out more of this place? perhaps, but not in the near future. possibly towards a central part of the year. i mean, i can't see me going along and transgressing on the patch of Spiros and so i will allow him to meet as many men as he likes there and steer clear myself of such things, but it is always fun to watch him get all sauced up and start a fight with someone.

more stuff, and more Spiros no doubt, as and when i have the energy and inspiration!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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