Wednesday, February 24, 2016

at play in the fields of the lord


yeah, this blog has nothing to do with the film of the same name as the title, look you see. at least i think there was a film of that name, but what it was called escapes me for the moment.

as a builder of routines i don't normally find intrusions into my frequent habits to be at all agreeable. when the intrusion is off of Payney, and he summons you to join him in a muddy field within an hour, it is however a most agreeable diversion from the norm.

the boys, as indeed would anyone familiar with his charms, were very excited to accompany me on this trip to a muddy field, where we may be so kindly permitted to be in his presence.

that is indeed a field, or if you like a path towards fields, that we were on. yes, James is carrying an offering for Payney. one does not receive a summons to meet Payney and go without a gift, for to do so would cause him extreme displeasure.

at this stage you are probably less interested in the open worship of Payney as you are in seeing all this "at play in the fields of the lord, though not the film" business. here we go, then, here are the boys at play, if running is to be seen as being at play. which, it is.

yeah, not the clearest picture i have ever taken of the two. here, have a gander at some video. this first one, assuming that i have loaded them the right way round, is of James.

i sometimes think that we, as in my family and i, do not always take full advantage of just what a beautiful part of the world we live in. yeah, sure, right now it's cold, icy, wet and all that, but we should still be out and about in it a good deal more.

yes, Payney enthusiasts that wish to see a glimpse of him, here he is, with me in humble presence. kindly note that out of respect for him i elected not to wear my smart bomber hat in the picture.

what was the occasion which saw me summoned to a field to meet up? classified stuff, alas. give that Eddie chap hiding in Russia (or wherever) a call, he might get you the documents related to it. or that suspected sex case hiding in some embassy somewhere down south, "Jullian" or some other such hipster name.

it has been a good week for chance encounters with very dear friends, dear reader. other than Payney, over the last few days i have bumped into two mates that i would not previously have seen for close to 30 or so years. Paul, Kris, if you are reading - what a pleasure to meet you again, and it does my heart good to know that you are still alive and well in this universe.

but, back to play, and in the interests of fair balance, some footage similar to the clip above, but of William running with great enthusiasm

a most splendid and wonderful diversion from my usual Sunday morning routine, then, and with some shuffles i was able to get all that i both needed to and would normally do done. see, you can do anything, you just need the heart and will to do so.

another picture of the boys during their adventures at play in the fields of the lord? sure, why not.

and with that, time for me to retire for the evening, methinks.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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