Monday, April 20, 2015

stare at the sky

hello there

and so, as i write this, another Monday glides gently to an end. how close to an end? if one were to load up a film of a certain length, say The Godfather or even perhaps Eyes Wide Shut, by the time the end credits came up, look you see, you would be within the first moments of Tuesday. no bad thing.

no, i shall not be watching either of those films right now. i am instead writing stuff here, for reasons unclear. something to do, i suppose.

today was marked mostly by the elegance of appearance, even if the elements of it were in apparent conflict. although we had beautiful, indulging blue skies - the ones i had so missed in my time away - we did not, at first, have the heat transfer of the sun to go with it. to go back to the start, for one cannot go back to end and make sense, not even the limitations of my phone camera thing could successfully suppress the splendid way in which the world looked today.

on the subject of the lack of heat transferring from that big massive star we all so depend upon, i would not like you to think it was icy today. it was, in truth, more crisp than it was cold at first, with the degrees reaching up seemingly with the passing of each hour.

such was the sense of tranquillity which  was imbued across the horizon that even those mischievous cows did not seem overtly or intentionally aggressive.

some of you will no doubt sigh, contemplating how i am spoiling a perfectly good post about the season of spring with a lot of nonsense about an evolutionary cow revolution once more. i ask you to consider, if that is the case, that a small, bizarre yet important number of people only read this blog in the hope that there is more news for them of the vengeance which cows are apparently intending to unleash on us, with us being the people of the world. i am trying to give balance here.

whichever side of the fence you are on, you, dear reader, are usually all united in an appreciation of tolerating brief, random and ultimately pointless videos of a poor quality that i add here from time to time. here is such a video to distract you from the above dilemma.

from what i saw of the cows today, well, i despair that they are, should they take over, condemned to make the same mistakes within society as we all do today. the origins of this despair are encapsulated in this picture below, although granted not as clear as it all could be.

where two cows grazed, the third - not, as far as i know, Sentinel, or Lone Wolf, or whatever you call their leader in your own mind - tried to join them. whenever the third came along, the two just trundled off (or whatever cows do; hoofed i suppose) somewhere else.

it is perhaps the case, then, that this new cow society shall shun and ignore fellow members on the basis of appearance, beliefs, personality or just whatever it is that they put in place as some sort of class system. this is of course sad, in particular on such a lovely, splendid day as today, but i guess any society must make their own mistakes. make them and, of course, refuse to learn anything at all from them.

hope your day today has been splendid, good, tranquil or whatever you wished for it to be.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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