Sunday, April 05, 2015

an easter hanging

hello there

no, not quite that sort of hanging, you easily excited lot. the title there, look you see, refers to hanging a picture, or indeed pictures, within the confine of a frame - indeed, frames - upon the wall.

those of you who are well aware of the negative fiscal impact of even the slightest level of diy sort of thing i do in and around the home shall be somewhat pleased to learn that my involvement in the hanging was limited to financial outlay, printing and adding some wire to act as reinforcement for the rustic string look which my (considerably) better half wished to have in place.

and, as the pictures you see are within a frame that was a gift for my (considerably) better half for all that mother's day thing, what she wished for was what she was to have. be, if you will, hold.

whereas i would have been perfectly content to get my (considerably) better half some quickly grabbed box of chocolates for mother's day, or indeed some cheap flowers or perhaps a bottle of engine oil off of the garage, she expressed a wish for one of them "multi picture frames" for the wall. i set off, then, looking for such an item, and found the above. for a substantial fee, might i add, but not of such substance that i cried about it for all that much more than a week.

the images are ones which she herself selected to be put in place, and i helped a bit to that extent with supplying the photo paper, the printer, the computer and that. i even printed the first one or two so that it could be seen if they would come out as wished, and as i think you can see they did.

meanwhile, i think it has been some time since a picture of all of us has featured here, so here you indeed go. this is our traditional easter selfie, a fine, fine tradition which dates all the way back to this year.

although you are all familiar with how i look and get sporadic, unsolicited and unwanted images of me here, i am sure you are all pleased to see the 75% of my family which you all actually like here.

speaking of which, today marks 75% through a long weekend for easter. how has it been? pretty good, so far. i have engaged in some minor shopping, with a major stint of that to be happening tomorrow. further, i went on my usual strolls, seeing the people and conversing as and when appropriate. fortune of timing even allowed for a visit to the library, where i picked up further books to read on the bus, you may or may not be pleased to learn. four, no less, and one of them appears to be dedicated to Warren Zevon in the front dedication part, so there is every chance that will get read sooner rather than later.

my main intention for this afternoon was to doze on the couch whilst some sort of film played away on the tele or blu ray or combination of both, but hanging a picture, or if you like hanging a number of pictures, was apparently more what i wished to do. no matter, yesterday i sat and watched Conquest Of The Planet Of The Apes as William played away on that Mine game thing. he did glance at the tele once in a while, and was quite impressed with the idea of monkeys having fire and guns.

oddly i was thinking of 'watching' Battle For The Planet Of The Apes today, but as far as i can work out the recent Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes that we watched recently was essentially a remake. so perhaps it is not so bad that i engaged in easter hanging instead. so probably wise to have given it a miss, although such familiarity may well have stimulated a snooze some.

anyway, hope your long weekend has been good, continues to be good or, if reading after the fact, was very good indeed.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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