Sunday, April 26, 2015

washing machine washing in action

hello there

those of you who read this blog regularly will have noticed that lately there has been an increase in comments which commence with the statement "those of you who read this blog regularly". and this is another one of them, look you see, so don't say you were not warned.

those of you who read this blog regularly (see i told you), and have done so over the years (that was a surprise i threw in for you) will be quite aware of my longstanding relationship with my washing machine. it sings and does nice little songs, which is awesome. also, it washes clothes.

today i decided to let the washing machine feel my love for it and treated it to one of those fancy cleaning stuff things for a wash cycle. i think it has appreciated this love, for it has shown it by producing for me lots and lots of lovely, lovely bubbles.

i used, once again, one of the Dr Otterker or Dr Becker or something cleaning fluid things. yes, sorry, i know - for this post to be of even the slightest bit of practical use i should give the name of the product, but the packet is in the bin now, so that's that.

yes, indeed those bubbles - of if you insist foam constructed of bubbles - looks pretty awesome. have i by any chance made a video of it doing the bubbly foam thing for you? of course.

it really is quite soothing, in a very sensual way, to just sit and watch the bubbly foam swathe and roll away, without a care in the world beyond cleaning whatever it is that it needs to clean up within the workings of the washing machine. 

how often do i wash the washing machine? when i remember to do it, mostly. i can't remember how often one is supposed to actually do it - i think maybe once a month or so. quality over quantity, i say, which is why i think you can make out on the settings that i set it to "intensive". just as the life of a Repo Man is always intense, according to that film about Repo Men that i cannot recall the name of, so washing a washing machine is intense. well, the box that i threw out said you should put it on intensive.

the awesome singing and music that this washing machine makes is truly spectacular. as in, and i really should make a video of this for you all at some point, when you switch it on and put the settings on to what you want, it's actually possible to play a convincing, acceptable version of Cavatina on it, or if you like the theme from The Deer Hunter. exactly why LG, or anyone else for that matter, thought that getting a washing machine to play that particular song was important is baffling, but i am prepared to go with it.

i am not so sure i have all that much else left to say concerning washing the washing machine, but you are still reading and i have some space to fill in around this picture, at the least. let me have a think.

would the music that the washing machine makes in any way qualify it to one day be part of a band, or even form a band itself? it is possible, i suppose, but it would be for a band with a particularly niche market and fanbase. beyond Cavatina, i have not, in truth, noticed it being all that much good at playing other songs. i mean, the original compositions it does are fine, almost regal in fact, but not quite as creative or as catchy as they could be. i wouldn't stand in the way of my beloved washing machine if it wished to pursue a music career, but i would urge it not to be, on the whole, all that optimistic about chances of success.

oh look, another video of it.

was the washing of the washing machine a success? on the whole yes, i would think, as it certainly looks all clean and shiny. not that it didn't before. cleaner and shinier, i guess.

hope you have all also done something amazing and wonderful this weekend too!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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