Wednesday, April 15, 2015

cows, or lack thereof

hi there

yeah, you know when cows appear in the title that i don't really have all that much of interest to say; instead just doing an update to let you know that yes, i am very much still around, or we have all gone off to some bizarre afterlife together, look you see.

i was recently asked, somewhat anonymously by my (considerably) better half, about what the cows were up to and if it was at all likely that i would be subject to an attack. well, if i was, everyone is. feel free to browse through this blog and see the updates on this, newer sort of reader - i would not wish to bore the regulars with it all again. i suspect they were sufficiently bored the first time around, or at the least half way through it.

on that note, for some reason i am not getting about 400 direct page reads a day. not all that massive compared to, say, amazon, or them mucky sites that Stumpie was looking at before he took a cricket bat to a door, but somewhat overwhelming compared to the 3 or 4 people i usually expect might have a look. so thanks, and happy to see that something from me is of some interest to you somewhere.

but, cows. here's the field in which they plot their conquest. see if you can spot anything.

yes, that's right, there is no frost. which means that Spring might be here at last, and staying this time. yay. to this extent, i have opted to go with short sleeve shirts for most of the time i am out and about. weirdly, someone said - and i don't think they were taking the p!ss - that i looked "trendy" today. the last time i can recall being told that, i think, there were 3 Beatles alive and this absolutely enormous wall in Berlin for some reason. also, there are no cows in the field.

where are they? or if you like, and feel like being all posh, wither; cows? don't know. i suspect they caught wind of that Game Of Thrones Series 5 episode leak, but i am unsure as to what a cow computer would be, or how they would download it. but maybe they were off watching all of that, since cows tend to fare a lot better than humans in the show. 

let me try my best to make up for the complete an utter waste of time the above has been to you and your world with a few other things, then.

it was, in a world of literature sense, the best of times and the worst of times for me today. best as i discovered that one of my, like totes fave writers, John Connolly, had a new book out. worst as he had one last year.

i had hoped that the ending of the last one, The Wolf In Winter, was him taking a break from the adventures of Charlie Parker, as it allowed for a couple of years of pause. when he rushes out books featuring the character, the rushed one tends not to be so good. in calendar terms, this one, Song Of Shadows, would be the rushed one. ah, or oh.

well, it's bought, or if you like purchased, now, and i will be reading it. i may well (i hope) thoroughly enjoy it and be wrong. or i may read it and tut tut about it as i do. strangely, it seems his fans in America have to wait for a while - whilst we have this here in England now, it's not scheduled for release, or if you like publication, over the pond until September. who knows, maybe the publishers will give dudes and lasses that do reviews a DVD of the first four chapters and the pirates will go right ahead and do their thing.

i am giving thought, dear reader, to using the picture you see here as my new image for profiles, or if you like profile image, on assorted social network things. i am just wondering, if you have found the image yet, if i will get away with it.

everything about this image is smart. that wanker's tache bum fluff moustache is sensational, as is the remnants of stubble. the headgear is boss, and that cheeky, naughty smile-grin thing this chap has on the go pretty much confirms absolutely everything Sprios has told me of his numerous adventures of, or rather with, Arabian gents.

it's those sunglasses though, man. they are boss, they are. big, massive, 70s style ones, with mirrors and everything.

i probably never would, right, but i would absolutely love to go walking around, very much like this gent, with some massive mirror sunglasses on, having that maniacal, somewhat saucy and cheeky aroused grin on the go. in my mind it would be awesome, and reflect, so to speak, the image and look i wanted to both portray and project to the world. i have been through Dubai a fair few times, as it happens, and never went for this look on any of the trips. a lost opportunity, you could argue, but self doubt says i would not look as cool as awesome as this dude looks.

you seriously wish for a video of the field bereft of cows? ok.

can a cow actually download anything? i mean, either legally or in a "what the hell compelled you to issue four episodes on a DVD with just a joke for security?" sense? i have no proof or evidence that says they can, but also cannot say for certain that they are unable to. for all i know, it's all cows currently pushing the reading figures for my blog to ridiculous heights.

something of some semblance of interest to finish off with? yeah, go on then, since you have made it this far into this particular post. that young man Robbie Williams has released another order via the web set of CDs, this time featuring some gigs in France earlier this month.

did i order them for my sister? well, yes. no, not all of them, just the "best of" 2 CD set. and here is the back of that CD set.

when can you see the rest? when my sister has taken ownership of it via the miracle of the modern post office. you probably shouldn't even be getting this view of it before then, but there you go.

is it any good? don't know. one of them download things of it came my way via placing an order of the CD, but i have not been brave enough to update the ipod thing with it yet. will do, and shall have a listen.

the gig, or gigs, that this were recorded off of was at that Le Zenith in Paris. i seem to recall that the celebrated Beethoven Was Deaf album off of Morrissey, or if you like "that twat Morrissey" who i happen to like a lot, was recorded in the same place. must have a decent tape deck or something installed there.

right, apparently i will be off to bed, then, to start reading this new John Connolly novel. you, of course, will be already quite asleep after reading this, i would expect.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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