Saturday, April 25, 2015

remember when

hi there

there seems to be something of a more music than usual tone to this blog these days, does there not? no bad thing i suppose, and be warned, look you see, even more music things will be featuring over the next couple of days, one of which in particular i will be quite excited to bring you.

i was doing that thing earlier today which modern technology seems to thrive on requiring; reformatting and reinstalling. what, exactly? one of them tablet computer things for the boys.

to try and limit the headache of doing all this - i had to operate one of those touchscreen things to do it with - i put some U2 on the TV to listen to and glance at. it was during a moment of glancing that something dawned on me. here, have a look.

yeah, that's the kids of Sydney getting down and getting with it to the Zoo TV tour gig thing from, if i recall, 1992. which is, i note, now 23 years ago.

do you spot it? yes, those lights in the audience. these are, dear reader, cigarette lighters. they are waving them around as it is contractually obliged to do so, or at least it was, during a ballad, and the band happen to be doing One. a song i never liked, the weak point of Achtung Baby by some distance.

a concert these days would look quite similar from this distance, of course, except the light coming from most of the crowd would not be lighters. no, they would be them fancy phone things. 20,000 people would be filming the same thing to upload 20,000 times to all them sites that show off videos.

how did reformatting and reinstalling go? actually, very well indeed, thanks.

i have never had much to do with all that 'Android' stuff, but as William's tablet just plain stopped playing videos and that - something about Google Play not working - i had little choice but to begin again. after several random incidents of my ipod just blanking me for no good reason i dreaded the path ahead.

no need to, as it turns out. it seems that whoever it is that makes all this Android thing - is it not, as point of fact, google? - has this idea that it would be better to make it all simples and like totes easy for anyone to address any problems and get it all sorted out sooner rather than later. it is, then, everything with all that iOS rubbish is not - reliable, stable and very easy to work with.

so, android device all fixed up nice, a little bit of U2 to help me along as i did so, a mild headache which was inevitable from using the child's toy invention that is touchscreen and a new edition of Viz to read. nice one.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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