Sunday, April 05, 2015

easter eight threshold thrashed

hello there

i will be frank, if not blunt, look you see. there is nothing mature, intelligent or sophisticated with this post. if you read it, no good whatsoever can come of it, and it is all on you, and you alone, if you pursue perusal after reading these words.

it was the case that this morning, known in circles outside of the ultra orthodox as easter sunday, i got a very excited message from Spiros. an excited message from Spiros is, granted, not all that unusual, but in this case he was very, very excited indeed. he implored, if not charged, me with the urgency with which i should stroll to a suitable grocer and purchase a copy of today's edition of the Sunday Sport. i decided, on trust, to go along with this proposition.

circumstances have not allowed me to read it thus far, but i believe it was the lead page story that Spiros was so excited about, and to an extent rightly so.

that the eight threshold, long since (apparently) considered to be the end of the frontier which man could reach, has finally been broken has made this easter all the more special for Spiros, by default me, and by extension you, i suppose, dear reader.

not all, of course, are going to widely celebrate this achievement, or if you like accomplishment. outside of the obvious, obligatory "why would you want to do that" questions, many will argue that the nine benchmark was reached purely by the corporate greed prevalent in egg based confectionery manufacture in the 21st century. this is to say the the Creme Eggs used in this day and age are smaller than what they were. the Creme Eggs of the 80s, for instance, were longer and more rotund - meaning that nine would be unlikely if not entirely impossible.

should you have found this story as exciting and compelling as Spiros did, well then so much the better, and i am very pleased that i could bring you this news. if this is something that you would rather not have known about at all, i can only refer you to the warning, or if you like disclaimer, at the top.


here's the x-ray image of the "success" of the nine Creme Eggs. i believe this really rather creates even more controversy, but before you read my comments, have a look and see what you think.

i don't know if it's just me, but one of them - possibly the second or the third of this sensational thing that this bloke did - looks rather more like a squash all than it does a Creme Egg.

also, there's a school of thought to say that the last one is not exactly as in as much of the others, but this is not a conversation i am prepared to have. Spiros, no doubt, would very much be ready and happy to have a conversation about that; off you go his way.

be eggsellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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