Sunday, April 12, 2015

boba fett and her with the fancy dinosaur bird things

hi there

phew, what a busy weekend. if for some reason your enjoyment of the weekend hinged on frequent updates here, i am both sorry to hear of the state of your life, look you see, and indeed sorry that i have been too busy to do much of anything with a computer and that.

what have i been up to? strolling around for a bit, or i suppose if you like strutting, since i naturally seem to exude some sort of sexual magnetism and thus every walk i take is one of them flash, attractive strut things. visiting people here and there featured, and indeed the delight of bumping by chance into a dear friend from days gone by.

but yes, also shopping, as that seems to be what weekends are all about. did i pick anything up of particular interest to show off here? why yes of course, you know that this is the case, hence their being a post here now. and here is your first image of it, or rather them.

yes, more toys (although apparently they are not toys) and indeed more Boba Fett related stuff. manufacturers, merchandisers and so forth seem to have clocked, have they not, that if they shove Boba Fett on something there is a very good, indeed exceptional, chance that i will part with coins of money to purchase it off of them, without bothering to check exactly how many coins of money.

on that note, how much were these? Toys R Us agreed to sell them to us, or rather my (considerably) better half as she acted as underwriter, for £9.99 each. not bad, i suppose, considering the price that i have seen these Pop! things go for (sometimes £5 or £10 higher than that).

and so, another bit of Boba Fett merchandise for the collection. do i not have enough Boba Fett things in my life? apparently not, according to the shops.

just what is the appeal of Boba Fett? the sleek design, i suppose. i mean, he just looks cool, does he not, even when presented with a head that would seem to be somewhat out of proportion to the body.

from a "fanboy" point of view, i guess the loud minority that rant and rave about how Star Wars was destroyed by prequels, being sold to Disney, etc, see him as the one thing to cling to. he was a fairly dark, our of place character in a series of films that, lest we forget, were U certificate, suitable for all, family fun adventure tales of good vs evil.

i am probably in a quite slender minority here, in terms of at least saying it out loud, but i prefer the voice of Boba as done by that Temura (or whatever) Morrison bloke that played Jango Fett in the prequels. that New Zealand accent just sounds more no-nonsense, i mean business, really. it is the New Zealand way, just as it is like their neighbours, to be "well why wouldn't you just say what you want or mean and why wouldn't you have a go".

but all of that is perhaps over-thinking it all. i just like Boba Fett, as do many others.

my (considerably) better half, by comparison, really likes this one, that Daenerys Targaryen lass off all of that Game Of Thrones stuff. she is, as far as i can see, the one in it that has all them fancy dinosaur things which flap around, breathing fire and burning goats, children and what have you.

quite well made, this thing is. despite the absolutely massive head, she - as in the toy statue thing - balances very well indeed on those tiny, girlie feet she has. and she is holding one of them dinosaur things - dragons, if you like, too, which is a nice touch.

yes, i know that posting this is all topical and timely and what have you, since the new, fifth series of Game Of Thrones is due to start on TV next week, and indeed the first few episodes (four, if i am not mistaken) have magically appeared online.

links to those "leaked" or "stolen" four episodes? not here, sorry. i don't think anyone interested really needs me to point the way, since the news reports seem to suggest half a million people are downloading or "streaming" them every hour.

if that rate continues, then surely everyone on this planet of ours will how downloaded in by the end of the month. yay, something to at last unite all the people of the earth, then.

what do i think of all this "leaked" episodes and downloads malarkey? not for me to condemn of condone, really. although i am struggling to work out why the makers of one of the most successful and most talked about TV series of all time felt the need to give it an even bigger publicity push by handing out 40% of it to people to review.

these, as i am sure you can work out, are the characters you can also get in Pop! head things off of Game Of Thrones. also note you are supposed to be over 14 to have them, and it says that it is not in fact a toy. don't know why; to a child that has never seen the show this figure, or statue, is nothing more than a cute peasant girl holding a dragon.

do i like Game Of Thrones? we are probably at a point now where it's hip and trendy to deride it, and say that you never liked it, as if doing such a thing made you in some way superior to the fans. my perspective would be that the first three series were some of the most brutal, harsh, brilliant and compelling things i have ever seen on a television set. the fourth series gave every suggestion, however, that they have lost their way badly, and that this is all going to get padded out to cash in on the popularity. the ending, when it comes, is pretty clear - it is based on books called A Song Of Ice And Fire, so one assumes the queen of the heat eventually ends up with the king of the cold, and they bring peace to the world. or destroy it, or whatever.

but you want more Boba Fett, and more Star Wars, don't you people. for the sake of being complete, here's the back of the Boba Fett box, so that you can sort of see what all the other ones you can get look like. yes, indeed, that green guard thing (Gamorehan or something) looks smart.

what other characters did they have for sale in the shop? enough to have allowed me to successfully bankrupt myself, to be honest. Boba Fett nearly did not get bought, as i could pick one and the RoboCop one was awesome. and i do mean proper Robo, from the 80s, not that rubbish they released last year. also the Predator one and the Alien one were boss. might go back and get them, actually.

what is it exactly that we hope, plan or intend to do with the two Pop! head things that we have? that's an interesting question, and one that i do not have an immediate answer for, as it happens. my (considerably) better half has wished for one so that she could have it stuck in the car for some reason. i suppose there is not a great deal of difference or harm in putting both of them in, then. other than their exit from the boxes to have their picture taken so i could show you them, discerning reader, there is of course every chance that they might just stay in the boxes they came in for the term of their natural lives.

does the head bobble on the statues? well, yes in respect of Boba Fett, but no in respect of her, dinosaur dragon lady one. that's probably why they don't see her one as a toy, then.

a video of Boba Fett's head bobbling? sure, why not, except, alas, it is a sideways video, as i held my blueberry the wrong way round as i recorded it and i can't be bothered to make another.

it's a shame that the Game Of Thrones ones don't do bobble head stuff. for those in the know, as you will know, a bobble headed Ned Stark one would be most smart to play with.

in the interests of some sort of consumer review thing, are these statue Pop! thingies worth the street value of £9.99 that they apparently command? pretty much, i guess. they are exceptionally well made, even if they are presumably mass produced in some factory somewhere. and, as i hope these pictures have sort of hinted, they do look really smart.

did i make any other purchases that i am going to be all flash about and show off here? why, yes i did. however, they are things that one would read, so they will appear here as and when i have read them, dear reader. some quite exciting titles too, if that is of interest.

as the weekend here draws to a close, all i can say is that i trust you all had a simply marvellous weekend.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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