Saturday, April 04, 2015

saying goodbye to an old friend

hello there

i went, as is quite usual to be the case, for a walk around the village today. this invariably sees me stop off to see Gran & Gramps, look you see, to say hello, see how they are and if they require anything doing.

all was perfectly fine and well today, with them having no ills to speak of beyond age, and having no requirements for stuffs of things from the shops or anywhere like that. they did, however, have something to ask me whether i wished to have or not.

what was it? why, the stag, or if you like quad, or indeed if you like mr twirly, or if you further like and you don't particularly care to give names to equipment, stereo that i had installed in the lounge when i went to live with them for a couple of years at the farm.

you wish to have a look at it? why sure you do, you people get upset when it's just my text here without any fancy pictures to make your visit worthwhile....

this is indeed, those in the know will (erm) know a 1990 model Sony stag. a pretty smart one too, for it's day. CD player? that was separate, and was there at some point, but now gone. there is a turntable too, in perfect working order, but i have not included it in the picture. sorry.

did i want this stereo? oh yes. some top memories with this stag. the back of Bowie's Ziggy Startdust CD said "to be played at maximum volume" on it, and it was, often - one of the perks of the isolated ways of a farm house is that there are no neighbours for miles; play the vibes as loud as you want, man.

what gems were played through this stag? well, all of the celebrated Ryko / EMI reissues of the Bowie albums, for a start. one mate, and i am hesitant to name names here, for they all have their own stories to tell, brought the first Blur album - Leisure, i think? - to play through it. Turns Into Stone off of The Stone Roses, too. and a bit of Bee Gees.

am i taking the stag? sadly not. i simply have nowhere to put it. the stag is no doubt destined for disposal, then. but it was very nice to get a picture of it before it went away forever. i was, to be honest, quite thrilled and pleased to see it has survived, and remained in serviceable use, this long.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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