Thursday, October 04, 2012

i see a ship in the harbour

hi there

well, wouldn't you know i've had quite an influx of pictures from New Zealand recently. it is sensational how my inbox can remain untroubled for days at a time, and then all of a sudden 20 or so land in one day. i should be thankful, i suppose, that my address remains a mystery to those spammer types.

all of these pictures came from Dad, so any Grant enthusiasts hoping for new pictures of Grant are hereby disappointed. sorry, i am sure they will send some eventually.

as you probably don't need me to highlight, Dad could not possibly have fitted all his red shoes into suitcases when they moved over to New Zealand. a container was required, then, and thus duly sorted out. more on that a bit later.

in the mean time, you may well be asking did Dad go down to the docks and stalk the ship bringing their container to them? the answer is oh yes, yes he did. 

i have given up with that "how do you define normal" defence when people ask if my Dad is normally like this. i cannot imagine that many, if any, other people go down to the docks and stalk out the ships when they are expecting something to land. this really strikes me as a prolonged, duller version of trainspotting to be honest. what, exactly, is wrong with just waiting for them to take the container off and deliver it to the given address?

how my Dad "selected" someone to do the shipping is truly priceless. Gillian gave him the details of the people they used after extensive research and said to Dad "just don't bother messing about with others, you will only end up using these". what did he do with this advice? after accepting it, he promptly invited some 18 other companies to "take the opportunity to bid for the contract" and mayhem soon followed. after a couple of weeks of arguing about what did and did not constitute a square metre, getting into a fettle about "insolent measuring" and generally being displeased with all gracious enough to accept his invitation, wouldn't you know he just ended up using the people Gillian advised him to.

anyway, presumably they have not displeased him, since everything appears to have landed. here, for your pleasure, is some more hard hitting dock action.

those expecting the photographs to end when the ship docked clearly do not know just what it is to expect when Dad is in the case. i will bet you that he made them drive around the block for this next one, just so he could get a picture of them coming around the corner.

i suspect the average fright container / removal employee is not used to having their picture taken every few seconds or so. they are, i would imagine, a professional, friendly bunch and are keen to maintain their good name and reputations by simply getting on with the job for which they have been comissioned to complete.

that would explain the "let's smile, but just what is he doing?" looks on the faces of the chaps below.

i must say that the truck they used was, franly, awesome. have a look at it from the back and yes, Dad did take (and send me) pictures of this truck from every possible angle.

that thing you see on the back is a sort of mega "crane jaws" thing that you can pick stuff up with. well, by stuff i suppose for the most part it would mean containers, as in the picture below, but i bet you could pick other stuff up with it too.

i think i shall have a word with my mechanical team tomorrow about this most magnificent device. it looks like a pretty straightforward hydraulic based mechanism thing, i am sure it would be but the work of a moment for them to have something similar installed on my wheels.

for those of you wondering how my Dad is getting on with establishing Old Grumpy's Gallery, the answer is very well indeed. i have some pictures of that project too, which i intend to put up here soon. presently i am rather tired, though, so i suspect it will not be this evening!

hopefully you are as delighted as i am to see that all their stuff has landed in New Zealand fine, whether you wanted such exact pictures or not!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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