Wednesday, April 29, 2015

memories of fraser

hello there

well, well, look you see, look what's on tv here at the moment. actually, if you can work it out from this screenshot alone, go buy yourself a coconut or other suitable, similar prize.

yes, the joys of Oz. easily one of the most brutal yet brilliant television shows that i have ever seen. it's a HBO show, and i would argue one that is even more brutal than what one sees in their current flavour of the month, Game Of Thrones, no matter how hard that show tries. possibly because there's always that very real, clear and present danger of Oz actually happening to people. with no dragons or massive ice monsters around, Game Of Thrones does not quite carry that "this could happen to you" threat.

i am fondly reminded of Fraser. Fraser and i were equally excited by this show and, the day after each episode, we would from time to time re-enact the exploits of Beecher, Schillinger, Adebisi and co at verk. well, not full on re-enactments, but pretty close.

a glimpse of the credit music? certainly, step this way.

am i watching it all again? hell no. even though it's, what, 15 or so years since i saw it, i can remember the whole thing quite vividly, thank you, and i have no wish to endure it again. that it lingers in the mind that much is probably testimony to just how good it is, or if you like was. also, it wouldn't be the same watching it and then the next day not having Fraser grab the first person that walked by (usually Sinbad or Jason) and recreate the, as it were, highlights.

would i suggest that you, dear reader, watch Oz? depends on what your threshold his for the truly unsettling and disturbing, both psychologically and physically. it's harsh, man.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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