Tuesday, April 28, 2015

day of release

hi there

yes, indeed, one of those things that has been lacking of late - a trip to the HMV proprietor to purchase an item of some consequence, look you see, upon the day that it was released. oh yes, i am still very much delighted to be able to do this.

what was it being released this week? no, not the Blur album, which doesn't, alas, sound like anything all that great. not an album, as point of fact, although HMV, as you can see below, did all that they could to try and encourage me to purchase a 5th or 6th edition of certain records.

yes, the much vaunted, much celebrated and highly praised documentary film Montage Of Heck, with the documentary being a look - insight if you will - into the life of Kurt Cobain. 

am i a Nirvana fan? i certainly don't mind them, but yes as point of fact this was bought mostly for the benefit of my (considerably) better half, who thinks they are one of the greatest bands ever. i would say that Nevermind is one of the all time great albums, and that Unplugged and the song You Know You're Right hinted that Nirvana were heading for U2 / Rolling Stones like levels of success and audience. not that the audience wasn't already massive.

a field bereft of cows on a sunny, but somewhat cold and rather crisp (yes, Faye, that last one just for you) morning? sure, here, have a gander, as they might say in Australia.

in the early  90s, say 91 - 93, music was more or less dominated by American band. specifically Nirvana, Metallica, Guns N Roses and Pearl Jam. the only resistance the rest of the world threw at this was U2, when it was still OK to like them in public. strange, as by 94-95, the focus was back on Britain making the best music in the world. who does now? difficult to say. as going concerns, America has Jack White, we have Kasabian, and that's it on that truly large scale interest thing.

as noted, somewhat exemplified by the poster in the window, HMV at least got the release of Montage Of Heck right where they so dismally got the release of No Manifesto all wrong. no shoving it in next to One Direction and making the fans dig around for it this time, kids, it was on the shelf as you walked in the door.

was i at all tempted to buy either Exodus or a bizarre remake of Annie? nope. although now that i look at that picture i see Intersetllar is also out. oh whoops, well, will get it and watch it eventually. i still haven't seen this Inception thing.

no, we haven't watched Montage Of Heck yet, so I can't really say any more on the subject. i suspect we will watch it soon, though, we would just need to find two hours to do it. in the mean time, then, washing machine stuff.

a little while ago i made a claim that my washing machine could perform a satisfactory, acceptable version of Cavatina. this morning, at about 6:20am, i decided to make a video of this, and here it is.

yes, ok, it's not the best, but it was early in the morning, i was on half a cup of coffee and one cigarette, i could not remember the order to press the buttons to make it play it properly. but you do, hopefully, get the idea. i mean, sure, the washing machine is no Hank Marvin, but for a washing machine it's a pretty good go at the song.

finally, then, a bit of a public service announcement, or if you like warning. look what i saw on the road the other day, outside verk, and across from the Bongo. something deadly and dangerous, apparently.

no, not the cigarettes, the sort of silver bullet like item next to it. rather interestingly, possibly thankfully, for the moment it seems that cigarettes are not seen as the worst thing ever.

that, i think is one of them popper sort of things that are popular with the kids, containing some sort of upper or helium thing. this sort of thing now gets called a "hippy high" or something by the press, and has become ever so popular with professional footballers.

i am, alas, of an age where inhaling helium off of a balloon was considered a perfectly normal, fun and exciting thing to do whenever you got your hands on a helium balloon. it makes your voice go all squeaky; it's boss it is. now apparently it is the single most vile, dangerous and lethal thing in the world. i am sure somewhere a newspaper has reported that if you so much as think of inhaling helium you will go straight into a coma, end up in a hospital and be molested sexually by a DJ with the full knowledge of both Parliament and state broadcasters. so be warned.

not a lot more i could add to that, so will leave it there.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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