Wednesday, April 22, 2015

companies covering themselves in disgrace

hello there

yes, some more bus vibes things are coming, but first i thought we would do a good, old fashion smart whine, look you see, with some observations thrown in for fun.

first off, our friends at Royal Mail, bless 'em. when i returned home, i was delighted to be once again in the world of a decent postal service. at first. perhaps i am becoming somewhat judgemental, or simply reverting to first world problem standards once more in this life, but whatever. they are striving to leave me quite baffled. it's all to do with them wanting coins of money off me, which they could have, if only it were not for one very specific allocation of coins of money.

that above is a very shiny, colourful, high quality (yes expensive) catalogue that Royal Mail sent me today. it's A4 size to and, with this being the important element, they posted it first class.

are there any stamps in the catalogue that i would like to purchase? oh yes or, for my South African readers, plenty, bru. there's the comedians set for a start, as well as some fancy ones of bridges. the latter of course features the best bridge in the world ever, the Transporter Bridge which crosses the Tees.

will i be buying any from the catalogue? no. why not? some of you will know, but i will get back to that for those of you who are unaware.

an organization seemingly dedicated to being in a constant, or if you like perpetual, state of disgrace is Cricket South Africa. not content with interfering with the team, taking money out of the game and basically making a mess of fairly basic administrative matters, this pictures shows off their latest effort.

yes, they've decided to hold a T20 tournament, presumably because they believe it will bring them an awful lot of money. do you see the problem here?

that's right. instead of it being the 'Africa T20 Cup' they have for some reason decided to call it the 'Arfica T20 Cup'. Arfica? that's surely a typo even i would notice.

CSA, as they like to brand themselves, have of course said sorry for this. in fairness they got xenophobia right, but presumably the work experience kid just copied and pasted that one off the web, maybe that Twerker thing since it has that dreary, boring # thing in front of it. rest assured, though, that CSA will be much, much better with numbers, and will ensure that all money made by the tournament goes exactly where the executives of CSA believes it belongs.

back to our friends at Royal Mail, then. why is it that i will not be investing in any of the fancy stamps they have on offer? why, 'handling charges' of course.

if we assume that 'handling charges' means 'postage', why are Royal Mail charging me for that? they kind of run the system. they seem to have the budget to send me, first class, a promotional item or catalogue once every two weeks, yet the cannot send me stamps in a regular envelope at no cost? i don't think so.

should i be purchasing one thousand stamps then i could understand some sort of bulk delivery fee coming in to it. however, it seems rather excessive to me that they want to charge over double the price of a first class letter to deliver a mere 6 or 10 stamps to me. so no, thanks.

right, rant, comments or whine all over now. bus vibes coming soon!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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