Sunday, April 05, 2015

just checking how clever google is....

hello there

wow, isn't this three posts today. awesome, or if you are feeling Australian, sensational stuff.

there's a little project that i've been wanting to do for a while, look you see, and today was the day that i had either enough time or boredom to do it. it might be of some interest on a scary or sinister sense, but i did it just out of sheer curiosity. the project, as the title suggests, is all about working out just how clever google has got of late. the answer, for those in a rush, is 'not very', it seems. here, have a gander.

this picture was taken of me earlier today, as part of a traditional easter selfie thing we did. it is fair to say, then, that this is a relatively recent picture of me, your humble and apparently today prolific narrator.

i figured why not have a go at that whole google images thing with this picture, then. for those that don't know, it is a feature of google which lets up upload a picture from your computer, or select one off of the web, and lets google go wild, or if you like mental, searching for similar.

my thought was that there are surely so many images of my good self up and about on the web, mostly placed there by me, that it would simply return pictures of me. these would come, no doubt, mostly from the blog posts i have done here, possibly from the last couple of years, for my looks have not changed all that much. yeah, i know, they certainly haven't improved, many thanks for pointing that out.

the results of this? well, not many pictures of me were found. in fact, none at all. what did google decide that the picture of me actually was, then? some rather confused and conflicting results. here, have a look for yourself, why don't you.

quite flattering, most or practically all of them search results are, really.i was particularly impressed to be likened to an 80s or 90s Australian cricketer there on the second row. and boss that google thinks i might be Mel Gibson, Sean Connery, David Beckham or the legend that is Alexi Lalas.

the image that features twice is, of course, Michael Stipe off of REM. so, then, for google, i am Michael Stipe out of REM, or if you like formerly of REM, for my understanding is that the band is no more.

what can we conclude here? not a great deal scientifically, since this was a singular random test done mostly out of boredom. however, that i searched for an image of me, whilst logged in as me, and that they have loads of images of me at their disposal, i think it's fair to say that google's image search isn't all that dark or sinister just yet.

well, thanks for the flattering comparisons, google. one day, no doubt, you will find something ace, boss or otherwise Australian to do with all this stuff you keep harvesting, but it would for now seem that the image search thing is not a conduit for it.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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