Friday, April 24, 2015

a hazed gesture of purple love

hello there

those of you who say that smoking has no positive attributes or elements are, frankly in for a shock. if i did not fail so miserably at quitting / cutting down considerably, look you see, i would not have observed what i did today. further, i would not have been able to take a picture of it for you to appreciate.

yes, graffiti, as it were, or if you like someone painting upon a wall. quite a gesture they have placed too, for i believe this is a shortened or if you like abridged version of the phrase i love you.

was this directed at anyone in particular? i have no idea, really. i would be pretty sure, certain in fact, that i was not the intended recipient. aah, cue the violins, if you will, but it is not a matter i lament.

no, i suspect this is the handiwork of someone that was over the road from the wall where this was placed. i would guess, if i were called upon to speculate, that this is the work of a gent, or possibly more likely a lady, who had enjoyed a drink or two, or more, over at the Bongo. emotions, after all, can get the better of the judgement of one when they have been supplemented, indeed enhanced, by some ale.

here it is again for you from a slightly different angle. i am not sure which angle accentuates or enhances the appearance of it the best, but you feel free to pick. actually, now that i think, it could well be the brick upon which the statement is written that the sentiment was intended for. great care, after all, has been taken to ensure the text remains within the boundary of that one, singular building instrument.

unless i am very much mistaken, and it is oh so often the case that i am, this was composed with purple nail polish. my knowledge of nail polish, or if you prefer nail varnish, is limited, but i am aware of the fact that it tends to be produced and sold in rather smaller sized small bottles. i would speculate that, if indeed it was that stuff used, that an entire bottle of it was used to create this. perhaps two, and if so bravo that the shades seemingly matched perfectly.

would i ever engage in such an act of desecration or disgrace to proclaim my love for someone, something or, indeed, my (considerably) better half? i would think not. i am fairly certain that such similar acts of this from me towards one i hold affection for are limited to, for instance, liberating some 50 to 100 copies of a newspaper as it had a picture of Slash on the front of it.

yeah, yeah, bus vibes coming up shortly, maybe now or maybe tomorrow. i seem to have developed something akin to a headache, so we shall see.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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