Tuesday, April 07, 2015

shoe express

hello there

my travels to and from verk were bookended, somewhat, today. well, if you wanted to go for a mega play on words, yes they were literally as i was of course reading, look you see, as the bus did its thing and tried to totally shatter and knack whatever remnants of my spine remain. on that note, it turns out that selecting books to read because they have been dedicated to Warren Zevon is a very wise approach indeed, but more on that as and when we are due review things here. but that's not what i am speaking of here. instead, i mean that my day of travels today was bookended by bins.

on the way to verk i saw a scene which brought to mind all of that Game Of Thrones stuff, or if you like GoT, should you be an upper aged teenage type with the attention span of an asparagus. a gent of the road, a chap who had taken to the outdoor life - a vagrant, if we are to be honest - had taken up a very, very King's Landing stance in defence of one bin in particular. another chap, who seemingly or presumably lives a similar sort of lifestyle, looked all set to try and use speed, cunning and guile to mount a class invasion and stake a claim to the bin for his own kingdom.

how did that end up? sadly, or perhaps fortunately, the bus moved on before the assault was unleashed, so i have no idea. no, i didn't take any pictures and no i did not look on the way home to see if there was any evidence of carnage or carcasses.

i did, however, manage to get a picture of the bin incident from this afternoon, after rushing to catch the bus home. here you go, and indeed yes, i can assure you that it has not been worth the weight, and nor is it worth the energy you burned up to click on this link.

yes, that really is it, people. i did warn you in the paragraph above that it was a waste of your time, but you continued to read.

i have no idea why, but i was fascinated by the idea that someone had thrown a pair of shoes in the bin, in a box too. well, i assume the shoes were in the box. size 7.5 it says they are.

i can only imagine that some gent - for they were shoes quite clearly made for a man, looking at the sticker - had some  sort of shoe crisis or emergency which meant that they had to buy a new pair as soon as possible, put them on with a similar level of haste and then dispose of the old ones in as a responsible and considerate of the environment way as was possible to do.

i'd like to think it was more interesting, though, and less dark than the idea of a chap having shoe distress. perhaps them shoes that came in the box were, like, totes the most amazing shoes what he had ever seen, and he simply must have had them. after crossing the road to the bus stop, maybe he said to himself "f*** it i shall wear them now", hence the older ones being in the box and discarded if not disposed of.

thank you for reading this, despite it being a waste of your time and adding no value whatsoever. as a means of a reward, or if you feel it necessary an apology, here is proof that yes, indeed, as you might have heard, the BBC opted to run a story about a 'Hardon Collider'.

yes, i will bet it was coming up, too.

more as and when something amusing, interesting, dull or compelling crops up, or as and when such an amount of time has passed that i think maybe i had best do a post here as i have not done one for a while.

until such a time, then,

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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