Friday, April 10, 2015

i am sure this will be smart

hi there

after years of doing so, it is i suppose not all that often, and certainly not to all that large an extent of expense, that i indulge myself much these days. cigarettes, look you see, kind of dominate my entertainment and leisure budget for myself, what with the UK government thinking that slamming high taxes on them is a brilliant and wise thing to do.

i do, however, go and spend a modest amount on an insane amount of discs from time to time. well, practically weekly. some nice chaps that i like to talk about the classics with sell them off, box free, for 49p a go, as has been shown off here. today was such a day when i went and picked some up.

today was a bit of a jackpot day in that regard, as i got some absolutely boss titles. there were a fair few Disney ones i was happy to find, as well as some meant for a more mature audience. but i am not going to show any of the smart ones, instead the one "this will be crap but i will get it" disc i spotted.

for some reason i am sure i have read something about this Alien Intruder film recently, but cannot remember what exactly. perhaps it was on TV and i watched a few moments after reading of it on the guide, or maybe somewhere i read an article on the greatest films of Billy Dee Williams. which would feature two Star Wars, the classic Nighthawks (a review of that one is somewhere on this blog) and all them other films which he did that i cannot remember right now. actually, now that i think, he has not been mentioned as returning to his role of Lando whatever in Star Wars Episode VII - Mission To Moscow has he? maybe they are keeping his appearance a secret. boss if Lobot comes back too, he was smart, him.

other than Billy, this one has Maxwell Caulfield in it. yes, that one. the legend out of Grease 2 and, i think, Dynasty or one of the spin-offs. i can't wait to watch this one.

that imdb site does not speak at all well of this film, but it could be that the 437 people who confessed to watching it over the last 22 years are wrong, i suppose. ah, here's that Nighthawks review. wow, 6 or so years since i last watched it? thought it was more recent.

anyhow, should i watch Alien Intruder and it looks like it might be worth writing something more than these mere speculative comments about it, i will do so here.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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