Friday, April 17, 2015

because why not, or if you like post 2940

hello there

wow, this is the 2940th post i have done here, apparently. bravo to you if you have even read so much as 1% of them, and my compliments, look you see, if you have had the willpower and the tenacity to read all of them. i certainly haven't, hence the sporadic and random "can't be bothered to check" typo mistake things from time to time here.

typos are, oddly, something i will need to be rather careful, if not clever, with in this post. a post that, other than marking the 2940 thing, tests somewhat - at first - the patience of my willingness to put things by request here. not that i get all that many requests, beyond the rather flattering "just keep on doing your thing, man" sort of comment from time to time.

i see blogger is busy rotating pictures again, putting them how they think they should be shown. cheers for that.

this, ladies and gentlemen, is a letter that Spiros got in the post, presumably earlier today. he was very, very excited about it indeed, and requested that i post it here, albeit in the edited form that you see before you.

why was he so excited about me sharing it here? the chap is genuinely touched by the number of you that like reading of his exploits and escapades, and so wanted you to know all about this.

what are my thoughts, feelings, musings and reactions to his letter, or if you like results? not much, really. i mean, of course i am thrilled that he has had no harm befall him or his immune system as a consequence of his curious, fascinating lifestyle. it is not, however, something that i have ever spent all that much time wrestling with thoughts of. i mean, usually it's "hello Spiros, how are you, what was the Turkish Baths like today?" when i correspond with him; not "hello Spiros, what's the state of play with your blood at the moment?". i may well ask him such things now, of course, as he is quite keen to share it seems.

now then, the because why not section of this post. a video, no less, from what was once, and what to some still is, the Transvaal.

my brother was in Johannesburg, no less, watching the celebrated Middlesbrough march, or perhaps pedestrian, their way to a win over Norwich. he offered to send a video to me via cellphone technology to show how the match looked on TV there. i agreed to this, on the provision that the video would feature a hotly contested throw-in.

here, thanks to Apple (i think that's what he has, could be one of them Samsung ones) and my blueberry, is the video clip of a not quite hotly contested throw-in, but all the same.....

for those of you who were delighted with the result as much as i was, i am sure that this video shall serve to bring back some fond memories of something that happened merely moments ago, then.

and, with no further requests, that's just about that for this blog post. 2941 will come soon, then, and as i have just finished another novel (reading, not writing; very lazy) i suspect it will feature book reviews, or if you like a review of some books. well, two.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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