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all things batman vs superman

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well, what can i say. trailers are apparently the most exciting thing ever in cinema right now, look you see. a fair few of you seem to quite like it when i have a bit of a gander at these trailers and make a few notes, so here we go with what possibly should have been the biggest trailer of this week but turned out to be the poor, distant "ho hum" one. yeah, Batman vs Superman.

where to begin? with the earlier than intended release of the trailer, i suppose.

the trailer is now officially available to watch, as often as you like. click here to go and look if you are interested; i would certainly suggest you try and have a peek before you read this.

Dawn of Justice trailer

this trailer was only going to be seen in a few days - April 20, i believe - with a debut on IMAX, a format that Warner Bros remain enthusiastic about, even if few other studios do. however, someone managed to see it early, filmed it on a phone and put it on the net, so Warner decided to just throw it out early anyway - address the damage, if you like, instead of moan about it.

i mentioned the trailer has not been well received. that's partially because we had a mindblowing trailer for Mad Max this week, as well as one for that Star Wars thing that everyone is all excited about. mostly, however, it is because the notorious, entitled, whining "fanboy" brigade determined that this film would be bad before anyone had seen anything of it. it is their way.

i really liked Man Of Steel. i was taken by the angle of it. they looked at the psychology of the character - a superior man in isolation, seemingly clinging to the moral values his earthly father (brilliantly portrayed by Kevin Costner) for it was the only thing he had to hold on to in this word.

the end of that film left it that Superman, or if you like Supes, was heading off to seclusion, to retreat from the world unless needed. i am somewhat surprised, then, to see that this Batman vs Superman film seems to start off with him very much in public.

in public and, indeed, worshipped as a god. this could well be an interesting angle. large elements of the world, in particular online, seem to think that the earth would be much, much better if we were all atheists and did not believe in any sort of god or religion. they in particular seem to celebrate that incredible gobsh!te, Richard Dawkins, who has somehow made an awful lot of fame and attention out of his pompous views, but that's another post for another time.

this idea that atheism would somehow instantly make the world a better place is, well, "curious" to say the least. what is it, i wonder, they think would be all so wonderful and brilliant if everyone on earth all of a sudden had nothing to believe in? i'm not overtly religious; i rather just think we should all try and get along and that involves letting people believe or not believe in what they will and just do what you can to make the world a better place. but i can't but help think this "oh just don't believe in anything, anyone" would rather erode the soul and turn us all into sheep.

got a bit serious there. back to the trailer. a speculative guess is that something or other comes from space or something, right, and Supes saves the world, and is so revered as the "god" who saved the human race. this would, of course, explain why even the military choose to bow before him.

and then going back to the serious points above, it is the case that not everyone is all that keen to worship the Kryptonian. hence this rather smart looking, Joker off of Dark Knight looking paint job on a rather smart statue they have made of the Supes.

one person in particular seems very, very upset about all this Supes business. that would be one Bruce Wayne, the rather famous orphan and fan of dressing up as flying rodents.

aaah, enter Ben Affleck. for some reason people got really, really, really angry when he was announced as being Bruce Wayne / Batman. i have no idea at all why. i can't say i am too familiar with him, but i've not seen him in anything that distressed me all that much. he was boss in Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back, and he was as good as can be in The Sum Of All Fears. that thing Changing Lanes or whatever was a poor film, but i seem to recall he was decent enough with the shoddy material.

of Batman, Christopher Nolan said that the trick was to cast Bruce Wayne alone. he pointed out that anyone could be Batman, it was just someone in a suit. Bruce Wayne, however, was and is a far more complex character, and needs casting accordingly. hence Christian Bale last time, hence, i guess, Ben Affleck now.

it's worth mentioning that the worst ever Batman, George Clooney, was cast on the basis that bewilderingly celebrated director Joel Schumacher doodled the Batman mask on Clooney in a From Dusk Till Dawn poster and decided he would do.

so, shove anyone in a suit and they can get away with being Batman? perhaps. it helps, of course, if the Batman suit is impressive looking. in the trailer, it is that.

this looks quite broody - battle scarred, scary, dark and creating the idea that the person wearing it means business. so, then, the actor looks fine in the part of Bruce Wayne, and the Batman suit looks smart. all should be good, then.
except, alas, as this poster shows, the two do not go together ever so well.

i appreciate that the art of film posters is long since dead, with quick photoshop jobs replacing actual artwork, but this is awful.

in this poster Batman looks like an overweight - fat, if you like - hunchbacked alcoholic, stumbling along reluctantly. basically, that could be me, or even Spiros, in that suit. well, Spiros if he had a few pies i suppose.

i am really kind of hoping that this awful, horrid look in the poster turns out to be just what i said it is above - awful, cheap, rubbish photoshop work, slung together on the basis that it will do the job required of it, assuming that no particularly demanding job is to be done with it. if you've seen the trailer you can pretty much determine for yourself which is the case, but we will have a further gander at it just now.

in the mean time, though, a still from what for me was the most intriguing scene of the trailer.

where is this, and who is this? my first assumption was that it is the Batman, for that looks like the Batmobile (or whatever) in the background, and that looks like Batman. but is it? if it is, why a distance shot and no close up? and is that a massive hammer that the character is holding?

it probably is Batman, but it would be an interesting angle if this was a Bane like character.

back to the Batman suit, then. or rather a version of it. here's Batman in what i am guessing is a special Batman suit, designed with the mind firmly on taking on seemingly invincible opponents. 

oh look, it is metal, and has smart laser eyes. possibly, if the Bat is wise, krypton loaded laser firing eyes. that's probably what i would wear if for some reason i decided to go right ahead and try to twat a vastly superior opponent.

and so, as the title of the movie suggests, they fight.

no, of course we don't see any of the fight - we barely, after all, get any idea as to why they are fighting in the first place. and the above is pretty much where the trailer leaves us.

so, will this film be any good, or will it be the disaster that a loud volume minority on the web are proclaiming it to be? can't say on the basis of this for sure. i am no more or less interested in seeing it now than i was before i saw it. but a few of the concepts and ideas look pretty interesting.

no more trailers on here for a while, thanks.

believe in what you will that makes your world a better place, but above all,

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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