Sunday, August 31, 2014

things you probably do not wish to see

hello there

well, i cannot imagine that the majority of you here wish to see some of this. however, one or two seem really excited, so here you go for them, and to an extent sincere an actually genuine apologies for most rational, normal people.

first off, though, is happy news  for all enthusiasts of Commodore 64 mode pictures, which i would imagine is everyone reading this. the whole world loves Commodore 64, as this mode makes the awesome even more awesome.

look, for example, at how even more excellent Boba Fett is in Commodore 64 mode.

it is with two reasons that i have the iPod hooked up to take pictures. firstly, i needed to update it with all them smart vibes i picked up last week, ones that you can see a few posts or so ago. secondly is that one or two have expressed what can only be described as an expression of interest in the new pouch(es) i got for my blueberry, with a particular emphasis on the one that causes the blue-purple curved tint on pictures.

as i cannot take pictures of the blueberry in the pouch(es), another form of photographic device was required. as nearly everything gets a camera welded on to it these days, i opted to use the iPod thingie to allow for C64 mode.

hence this picture of the new pouch / case thing that does that funny thing to the corner of pictures.

yeah, it's one of them flip / "book" sort of case things for it. pretty smart too it is, really, except for that thing it does to the pictures.

i tend to get asked all sorts of questions about this sort of thing, so to answer in advance as best i can - yeah, it closes via a magnet, not a clip. no, the magnet does not put the phone in "sleep" mode to save the battery life. yes the phone fits fine - snug and perfect, in fact. just that thing with the pictures as the lens cover part seems not to be properly aligned.

snug and perfect are not, perhaps, words that one would naturally select to use when asked what they thought of this picture. i must say i am highly reluctant to have it here, but here you go to slay the curiosity of one or two.

these are indeed them new Rocky Balboa out of Rocky boxer shorts, or if you like briefs, or even trunks, that i picked up recently. yeah, this is a shot of me wearing them.

they are, as it happens, exceptionally comfortable and of a quite class quality. i am very happy with them, and they are pretty much worth the what feels still like a high price of £6 that i spent on them.

is the image of me in them priceless? well, that's for you to decide, really. no, there will not be too many more pictures of me like this featuring here, thank you very much. and yes, i do very much appreciate that this image serves, in certain ways, to undermine my argument a great deal about everything looking awesome in Commodore 64 mode. oh look, if i put a picture of the phone in the pouch here in non-Commodore 64 mode, that might help you with the mental scrubbing of this image right here. doubt it, but let us give it a try. also, you cannot prove that is me, unless you take my word for it, and only the foolish and the brave tend to do that.

as you can sort of see, for the Apple camera is not too much better than the BlackBerry one, in truth, the pouch is purple in colour.

what are them lines there? you may think they are some sort of ventilation shafts or slants, but you would be greatly mistaken to think that. they are in fact slots for one to put credit cards, or things that are credit card sizes. something that i shall not be doing.

i am not sure if it remains true, but i was always told that phones were ace at erasing both 'smart' cards and cards that have magnetic tape on them. i have no idea at all if that is true or if it ever was, but it is no trouble at all to keep the things apart, to be safe.

for someone who does not really like Apple products, as in moi, i do seem to have quite a few of them at my disposal at present. which makes it fun to update the vibes.

the old classic one in the middle can hold twice as much as the other two combined, i will have you know. also, it does not do WiFi, does not do pictures and does not allow you to smack pigs with birds. that is, then, the one that i use most frequently, for it is dedicated to the vibes.

also it has a sort of a button thing, in terms of that cog or dial on it. none of this touchscreen nonsense, thank you very much indeed.

did i take any non-Rocky pics of myself in Commodore 64 mode? of course.

quite smart that one is, i may make it my profile picture for assorted social concerns. that's the image, i believe, i would like to project about.

anyway, i have given some subtle hints that i had more than one new pouch for my blueberry, which is because i did. i needed a new pouch, and i really wasn't sure how i would take to all that case business. to cover, then, i bought one of those traditional, conventional back casing things, one that described itself as "gel", although i am not convinced it is something one would wish to put in or on their hair.

i appreciate that the BlackBerry phone is not too popular these days, which baffles me. they are, after all, the only phone on the market which offers any sort of semblance of privacy, with just how easy it is to hack and intercept messages and things off of Apple and Android devices being all too well documented. it's almost as if someone somewhere helped drive a campaign to make it "trendy" to rather own an iTwat or a Galaxy, so more would and thus more would be able to be hacked, traced and what have you. hey ho, all i know is that the blueberry has buttons, and i really like buttons.

what appealed about this case, in all honesty, was how the back of it looks. i just think it is quite funky.

it feels really smart too - one can have a good firm grip on it. exceptionally good fit, it is - lightweight too.

will i be using it, then? alas no, not so much. i quite like the casing one, as it is now less frequent that buttons and that get pressed by accident when the device is in the pocket of my strides.

pockets are, of course, something seriously lacking in my new Rocky Balboa out of Rocky boxer shorts. i suppose if i were of a mind to do so i could just carry it around in the elastic of the boxers, but i do not see any sort of circumstances where that would be an obligatory requirement.

i have a feeling that putting these images here is far, far removed from being the wisest thing that i have ever done. i truly do hope that the people who wished to see these Rocky Balboa out of Rocky boxer shorts in, as it were, action do appreciate this.

would i consider getting boxer shorts of other Sylvester Stallone motion pictures? almost certainly. i would love, for a start, a pair that celebrated Demolition Man. they would be class, them. maybe not so much one of the Rambo films, but you never know, someone might make them in a very tasteful, pleasant looking way. i am not too fussed about this whole Expendables thing. actually, i think Rocky will do for Stallone related underwear. although some classic Schwarzenegger, like a Commando pair, or even maybe a Conan one, would be quite smart.

i can fully understand you wanting to do that whole mental scrubbing thing again, so here to help is a somewhat larger image of Boba Fett in Commodore 64 mode, to help you think happy thoughts and ignore the above image.

so, the pouches i got for the blueberry are quite smart. both will be in use from time to time, especially as i suspect that the "book" like case one for it, or if you like purse thing, probably won't survive for all that long.

right, that will do, see you some time in September.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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