Friday, August 15, 2014

inside episode vii

hi there

oh dear. it seems that, so far as we know, they cannot do anything in respect of this new Star Wars film without knowledge and images of it being distributed around the net. and here i am adding to it, somewhat.

George Lucas got it spot on in limiting "spoilers" and spy images with Episode II. every week he issued a new picture from the set, or production, and that was enough for fans. now, of course, everything like that is made available only via memberships or behind "paywalls". which is why curiosity and demand sees images like this to appear all over.

what is the above? no idea, but it looks suspiciously like it might be a detention centre. as in, "into the garbage chute, flyboy".

there is already a ridiculous, indeed most likely unrealistic, set of expectations in place about Episode VII. if they are to simply rehash the first films, in particular with regards to unleashing a third Death Star, i think some mega disappointments are likely.

that said, it will be good to see the return of the Millennium Falcon, even if it is a third rate, poor man's spaceship in comparison to Slave I.

the new film will of course feature villains, and those villains will of course have an army. it looks like those who commit evil in the universe of Star Wars believe that stormtroopers are the ideal way to go, although it looks like they will be given a shiny new set of helmets to wear.

Han and Chewie need someone to twat with guns. Luke needs someone to twat with his fancy sword thing. but does the imagination really only stretch as far of "new look, same old"?

yes, of course i am interested in the new film, and hope it's awesome. there is, however, also a sense of "been there, done that" with it. fingers crossed, then, that it does indeed turn out to be mindblowing.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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