Sunday, August 03, 2014

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hello there

sorry for the lack of updates for the last few days, i have been busy running around with the boys and reading a particularly unpleasant novel called The Dinosaur Feather, a review of which will follow eventually. i still have 100 or so pages of it to punish myself with, alas, and shall probably review it when i have read two, hopefully better, books further.

anyway, since my Dad sent these on, here we go.


for all of my many, many very welcome readers in New Zealand, or those of you who are planning a visit to that most splendid country (in particular via a cruise ship), then you need look no further than Old Grumpy's Gallery in Mount Maunganui for your photography, gift and curiosity needs. also coffee and cake.

but you don't have to take just my word for this, of course. here you go.

if you are in or near Mount Maunganui, or the Bay Of Plenty area, Old Grumpy's Gallery is a must call in venue, even if you just are mildly curious about why it is called what it is.

other than expert photography and related gifts, you will find a whole wide range of books, mementoes and music there. Old Grumpy's Gallery stocks something for everyone.

pictures tend to say a good deal more than words, however, so to illustrate just how great the portraits, images and all related things you can get there are, here you go, here is the handiwork of Old Grumpy himself.

this landscape shot of Plummer's Point was taken quite recently, and hopefully you agree with me that this is a most impressive image. if you happen to be visiting the area, or are lucky enough to live there, what an amazing landscape image to send off to friends and family around the world.

thanks for stopping by and reading, and enjoy your trip to Old Grumpy's! i am sure they will update the webpage with the correct address details soon!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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