Thursday, August 14, 2014

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hello there

you know the drill - random images from random years that catch a random eye.

first off, a bit of cheeky, if you like saucy, art from 1982.


yes, the first thing i thought when i saw that was Duran Duran, specifically, of course, the Rio album artwork. not sure if this was done before or after the release of that album, but it would be very fair indeed to suggest that one certainly inspired the other, yes?

1982? must be Atari.

quite a smart system, that was. hours of exceptionally basic fun were to be had, and you didn't worry about nonsense such as "frame rate" and "resolution".

sticking with state of the art in 1982, only 31 short years ago, have a look at this stag, man.

yeah, that's what i am talking about. repeat play on a tape deck. auto reverse meant you could just make one really smart mixtape and let it play all day, man. see, once upon a time Sony were not all that bad. i think it was some point in the early 90s that they decided that they didn't like consumers very much.

a bit of 1996 action here for you, then, and a now sadly expired advert offering you $1 off of 12 bagels, assuming that wherever sells them was a place that recognized 12 is the usual number associated with the term a dozen.

i recall growing up in the 80s and thinking that bagels must have been the most amazing thing ever, man. they were not freely available on any of the three continents i lived in during that decade, or at least me Mum never got any. it seemed that you could only get them in the Jewish corners of New York.

when i finally did get some, i think oddly during the 90s, they were as amazing as they promised. i particularly liked warmed up ones, with melted cheese and salami in them. ace they were, boss even.

now that i think, i have not had a bagel for a while. as and when i can get to a shop that sells them, well, you know what, i may well buy some. if i remember. should i get a dollar off of a bag of twelve, well, then, so much the better, i guess.

here is an advert for two films at some sort of cinema. 

i don't recall the Lost Children one, but i certainly recall The Quest, for it was on TV recently. i would suggest that the people who reviewed it in that advert had a slightly different experience and opinion of it than i did. it is possible that this film, for many, marked something of a career slide for JCVD, but then again for a good deal many more there is the school of thought that his career slide pretty much began with his first film. which, i think, was Bloodsport.

speaking of JCVD, if you were wondering what was going down over in the land of the Commie, well, here you go. front page news from the USSR, 1982.

no, i have no idea at all what this all relates to. so, i guess, in a real sense, but also a sense that i don't particularly mean it, apologies if something or other in that text is offensive. probably all a load of "loyal party worker tells Yankee to go home".

speaking of all things that make one go what the hell is that, what the hell is this?

there was a version of Windows for the Commodore 64? far out man. i suspect that just the start button might have taken up much, if not all, of the 64KB abilities of the machine, but what a lovely idea.

some football tips off of George Graham from 1971? certainly.

one of the best things i ever saw George Graham do was when he was manager of Arsenal or Leeds, in the early days of the Premier League and constant broadcasts. he got fed up of some cameraman looking at him the whole match, so just went up and kicked the camera over. nice one man.

meanwhile, for those of you who wanted something called a hard drive back in 1996, here were the prices in relation to the sizes of them you could get.

looking at that lot - both in terms of whatever the hell Mb are and the price - things have got a good deal better for the hard drive shopper these days. fifty quid for something you couldn't store a full mp3 rip of a CD on? blimey.

to make this even better, i think these hard drives were specifically for an Amstrad machine. or it could have been the Commodore Amiga; a machine which, in fairness, i think that version of Windows was for.

what size hard drive do i use? well, that's none of your business. i am pretty sure, however, that my phone has a memory capacity larger than the one you would have if you added all of those drives together. probably. i mean, i have not added it all up and worked it out - i am not made of fingers, you know. i have the standard amount of them (i think) and that's it.

now then, with Google maybe releasing these "glasses" things sometime soon, you can pretty much be sure that Apple will come up with "iGlasses" too.

seems someone beat them to the idea in 1996.

so, someone a few years before they launched products with the letter "i" in front of them was doing just that, were they? there really isn't a single original thing Apple has done, is there? i am sure one day the company will have a CEO as good as Steve Jobs was at seeing other ideas and "being inspired" by them.

speaking of other ideas, in recent times everyone has got all excited about this "new" solid state drive business. i am not sure why, as back in 1971 they had solid state done already.

wow, that's amazing, that is. imagine having a device that you could carry around with you and use to type messages to people? boss, that is.

i am not sure which is the most peculiar about this next one, to be honest. i am baffled as to why sheep felt they needed a council, but also baffled as to why it is they voted humans to form this council for them.

i would have thought that if they wanted a council it would be to look after their best interests and that. i would imagine that humans would rather just wish to exploit them. activists don't get all excited about saving sheep, you see. they are not as cute as dolphins, and saying "don't hunt sheep" does not allow anyone to express their latent hatred of the Japanese in the same was as it does when one references Whales. i cannot see any good coming from sheep electing humans to represent them, but there you go.

just how widespread was solid state technology in 1971? very, as it happens. Sony even introduced it into rather smart, portable cassette decks.

i am assuming we are only, then, a couple of years or so away from Apple unleashing the iSolidstate, a totally new and revolutionary concept?

with solid state technology just a little bit too expensive back in 1971, kids were seldom trusted with technology that featured it to play with. instead they were expected to engage in cheaper activties.

like, for instance, stamp collecting.

i have no problem with stamp collecting, and indeed i did do a spot of it in the quieter moments of my youth. however, if you are looking at one advert of the above four in particular and are saying "hang on a minute, is that who i think it is?", the answer is yes, as you can see here.

using Hitler to advertise anything is, at least to my mind, quite an extraordinary approach to take. and no, i did not have a stamp with him on, at least not so far as i can recall.

for those slightly older than the target market of Nazi stamps, the Tecumesh Club looked like an absolutely banging place to go for a sandwich. the largest roast beef variety of, apparently was available by them.

i am not sure that the hot sausage sandwiches they advertise there are the same ones that Spiros is prone to go and have on an afternoon, should he have a spare 30 minutes or so and indeed if the Turkish Baths can squeeze him in.

to finish off with, then, why not have an advert for a gig that was probably ultra-amazing.

that's 1982 Van Halen, which granted is before their masterpiece 1984 album, but still would have been amazing to see, man.

anyway, that will do. hope some of these images have been of some interest!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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