Wednesday, August 13, 2014

murderous meat

hi there

sorry for lack of updates, etc.....

i have, since returning home, had very little in the way of what you would call red meat, or if you like so-called red meat, or indeed meat that is red. whilst a staple of means dans le Africa, here it is somewhat expensive.

my (considerably) better half and i felt somewhat nostalgic, so decided to have some of this red meat stuff for, effectively, the first time in about 8 months. that's not true, we did have lamb once or twice, but still. mostly it's been chicken and pork, the so-called white meats, or meats that are white. if pork is a white meat? looks somewhat pale to me, in a way that bacon does, alas, not.

there is a "sensible" point to this later on, but for now the purpose here is to show off, mostly for my friends and family dans le Africa, just how much meat costs here.

first off, then, some lamb.

yeah, that's right. chops (not even loin chops) translate (at today's exchange rate, which is a good one - i assume the big fat bald stupid idiot has not said anything in public recently?) at a price of  R235.94/kg. quite special, i am sure you will agree.

and for those about to mutter "yeah, but when you are earning pounds.....", trust me, pounds do not stretch all that far, my friends.

i think this bloke, who looks like he could do a halfway decent Shaun Ryder impression, probably had no idea of the value of what he was interfering with, let alone the laws around it.

erm, yes. probably best to leave that there, then, and go on to the finest of red meats, rump steak.

it was actually this that my (considerably) better half expressed a wish for, and we most certainly had not had any of this since December 2013. for all you vegetarian or healthy eating types, there is a "positive for you" comment coming up, bear with me.

anyway, here it is. and yes, that's R75.58 for 262g of steak.

which of course translates into being (if i am reading that price right) R282.84/kg. wow. i knew that steaks were expensive here, but that's quite a special price.

i did think that steaks were the thing i would miss the most, but to be honest the idea of having some had not crossed my mind. not only are they expensive things here, but they are (perhaps as a consequence) not freely available. and to think, i used to demolish ones at least twice the size of that without thinking.

how did it go? it tasted lovely, but blimey, afterwards (and bear in mind i had but half of the above) i felt bloated, bogged down and as if i had eaten far too much. and trust me, it's not like i am on some health kick.

it could well be, then, that these so-called experts are on the button when they say that red meat is not good for you, at all. methinks i will stick to chicken, thanks.

anyway, for those of you not interested in meat, or general sheep interference, have a look at this.

yeah, i have a mountain of books here to read already, but look at those prices! both seem to feature short chapters and large print, which makes them perfect for bus reading. also they seem to promise an awful lot of sex and violence, which makes them perfect for bus reading.

and on that note, i have indeed completed another three novels (reading, not writing), so reviews to follow soon. weirdly, three good ones.

anyway, that will do for an update that says yes i am still here, yes i am still updating when chance permits.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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