Friday, August 01, 2014

Spiros and his new friend

hi there

yes, i am well aware of the fact that there is a compelling case to suggest things blog could be renamed Spiros is all we have left and no one would question it, such is his footprint here presently. what can i say, the people like his adventures very much indeed and if he keeps sending me stuff, i shall keep posting it.

alas no direct or overt taxi action from the Spiros today, but stuff that is somewhat related. many of you have expressed a wish to actually go along with Spiros on his taxi crusades, as it happens. presumably you are all really excited about testing your mettle against the wits of cockney taxi drivers, an unassuming band of people who are tolerant of absolutely everyone who is also a cockney taxi driver.

his crusades has seen Spiros attract more friends than he even usually does down at the Turkish Baths, which is quite a formidable number. here is just one of the many friends he has attracted due to his recent exploits.

what is the name of the new friend of Spiros? he didn't quite work that out, as it happens. she was, nonetheless in this anonymity, very eager to become friends with Spiros, and do all sorts of friendly things to, or indeed with, him.

one of them, for instance, involved her trying to sell him the glass she was using off of, presumably, that pub in the background. as an act of friendship, she proposed to sell him this glass for a mere 30p, which actually represents a very good deal indeed.

you would have to imagine, if we assume for the moment that by some miracle she was the legal owner of the glass that she was attempting to sell to Spiros, that a 30p price represents a significant lost. one must surely spend well in excess of 30p to manufacture a glass, what with the labour market being what it is at this present moment in time. such an action, then, must be a clear and present sign of an act of friendship.

let us, however, briefly leave aside tales of Spiros and his new friend for a moment. no, if you are wondering, no i have no idea at all if his friend went and upset a taxi driver with him. i don't even know where the hell in the world he is most times, to be honest.

is giraffes a real word? if so, then these giraffes are in a truck, heading i believe from Johannesburg to Pretoria. or at least they were when the picture was taken.

the more observant of you, who have presumably missed the subtle lack of quality here, may note that they are in fact heading in the direction of a low-ish bridge; or at the least one we can very safely say is lower down that the giraffe stand.

if you are unfamiliar with the story, sadly yes, what you think might have happened did in fact happen, to one of them at the least. the collision between the head of the giraffe and the bridge proved, sadly, to be fatal.

i mention this as i noticed with interest that they are at this moment in time considering bringing charges against those responsible for this. considering? just what is there to consider in this case? it is a clear cut case of recklessness, stupidity, cruelty and barbarity. no, i am not one of those prone to going off in extreme ways about rights and causes, but come on, how can anyone not be baffled as to how a set of inconsiderate morons could possibly escape some form of punishment. i would suggest tying them to a ladder and driving under a few bridges, see how they like it.

on the roads of South Africa, i note it has become very trendy to make films of "road rage" incidents. here is one of them for you, if you are interested.

the brilliant South African police force, of course and as you would expect, arrested the driver you see here getting all upset and Australian. yes, they arrested him right after he walked into a police station and turned himself in. amazing quality police work, that.

anyway, back to the friend of Spiros. she, whoever she is, apparently gets as excited about the idea of having a big, juicy banana in her mouth as Spiros does, going on this little dance she is doing in the vicinity of one.

the water bottle in the dressing gown pocket is, for me, a nice touch and a bit exciting.

oh yes indeed, this was all very early one morning, in fact this morning i think. she does indeed seem to be very merry for such an hour.

another of them road rage videos? OK.

i have no idea if arrests and that have been made in this case, or if they are just all considering the matter. yeah, if you ask, Johannesburg roads are pretty much like this all the time, when not simply gridlocked. and people wonder why i hate driving.

anyway, until the next time that Spiros or anyone else does something of interest, that will do.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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