Friday, August 15, 2014

the accidental stalker

hi there

quite possibly the only thing that beats being at the cricket on a friday is being able to do a bit of stalking at the cricket on a friday.

i happened to be at the cricket  earlier this evening, or if you like this afternoon, when a familiar face appeared as part of the team. alas, they were on the opposite boundary from where i was sat. i could not be bothered to move, but never mind, for as you can see the zoom on my blueberry does a sterling job.

yes, that is indeed who you think it is. quite smart quality on this blueberry, the zoom is, look you see.

there was quite a crowd watching too, which was nice.

i am not 100% sure that this is being an accidental stalker as much as it is being an opportunistic one, but it matters not, that is a legal question some lawyer may or may not have to draw a jury towards and answer about one day. it is not like any toilet doors got knacked.

did i by any chance at all, you may ask, make some video of this bit of stalking too? why yes, of course i did. here you go, dear reader, here he is bowling.

who is it? why, of course, dear family around the world (who this is mostly for the benefit of), this is indeed Robert playing. but i am pretty sure you worked that out from the high quality pictures.

as we were walking past on our way home it was possible to take a somewhat even better quality of picture for you. here you go.

yes, i know some of you (hello, Dad) will be saying could i not have got a better, closer picture. the answer is not really, no. i don't think it would have gone down well at all if i had just walked onto the hallowed ground of the cricket pitch in the middle of a game to take a picture.

oh look, another video for you.

oh yes indeed, you did see what you thought you saw there - that was a catch, and thus a dismissal, off of Robert's bowling. nice one, glad to have captured it and shared it here!

more pictures? well, OK, one more for you, since you asked.

man, that takes some remarkable quality pictures, that blackberry. i am really quite lucky to have it, all things considered.

i would say here is another video, but that is not a certainty - blogger seems to be having some issues "upping" the last one. let me walk away, miserably failing to quit smoking, and see if it uploads it when i return. you will know the answer to this before i do, sort of. or in a quicker time oh look as i write that it has decided to upload it.

and there we have it, really. yes, it could all have been presented in much better quality, but then it would not have been voyeuristic stalking, would it?

hope you have all enjoyed this!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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