Friday, August 01, 2014

Mojo + Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young = cheeky

hi there

before we go any further, and to save him just scanning the whole of this post to look for confirmation, yes Dad i picked this up to post the CD to you and I will, but no Dad, not the whole magazine as the size and weight of doing so are just too expensive. for all i know you can get it there and do anyway, if not i will have a gander at the subscription cost.

right, yes, i understand the above was aimed at quite a specific audience but hey, welcome to my world.

i was in the shop trying to limit the financial damage the boys were causing with their "can i have this please" selections when i noticed the new edition of Mojo was in. further, the edition came with a CD that indicated it was Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young live in 1974 on it.

i thus bought it then as, and those of you who have been paying attention will have clocked this, it's the sort of thing my Dad would like in the post.

i am not sure if you can make out the specifics in that picture, but it lists three songs that it has on it and then says "& more......". yeah, some of you may have worked out from the title where this is all going.

here's the back of the CD, showing off all that "more" business.

that's right. the CD features 5 (five) tracks and 1 (one) video. and one of the tracks listed on the front turns out to be that video.

it's not misleading, really, but it is somewhat cheeky. i thought it was a bit strange that they were giving away live tracks off of a very expensive box set that CSN&Y have out presently.

quite a good marketing strategy in essence, i suppose - it is a really expensive set (no Dad, no chance at all right now, sorry), so allowing people to have a listen in advance is no bad thing i guess. especially as, i would imagine, it is the Mojo readership that this set is aimed at.

but it's still a bit of a "that's naughty" feeling one gets when they find that the CD features all of five tracks.

what are the actual tracks like? how am i supposed to know? does anything of me, from what you have learned from these posts of mine, say i am a fan? not really. i like a bit of Young on his own, and Buffalo Springfield, but i've not honestly given CSN&Y all that much of a spin. perhaps i will give this a play before i post it to him.

meanwhile, as for the video, well - it may be an act of great folly to have included it. i suspect a large part of the high cost of this set relates to the DVDs and Blu Ray discs included. if that's the case, then disappointment is to follow, as the footage does not look of all that high a quality.

yeah, i know, it's all "archive footage" and was never recorded with a vision or intention of a pristine digital future, but that doesn't excuse charging so much for it.

is it worth getting? probably. the magazine with it is quite smart (it has Marc Almond in it so Spiros will have bought at least two copies), and these kind of things tend to become "collector's items" due to their limited availability, if not the content.

yes, Dad, will post it soon.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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