Monday, August 04, 2014

the dilemma of choice dynamic

hi there

so, what to do next Saturday?

i could, i suppose, go off to witness the start of the new season, with tickets costing  £29 (each) for grown ups and i think  £16 for the not so grown ups.

i could, if the weather holds up, suggest a trip out to the coast.

or i could go to this

the interesting thing here is that they are signing copies of their new book, which suggests that there is at least one more that exists out there in the universe. hmn.

actually, it's terribly trendy and "with it" to knock the Chuckle Brothers. it's like all them that get upset with the Japanese because they really, really like whale soup, i suppose. what would we care if the Japanese thought that cows were exceptionally cute and should be allowed to roam fields?

i have nothing but fond memories of that one thing they did, Chuckle Vision, i think. i can remember one afternoon, either after school or during holidays, sitting in the lounge watching what might have been the first ever episode of it with my brother and sister. i can't recall a thing of the show, but i remember us all laughing uncontrollably, as it were, really enjoying it.

i suspect that i shall not, alas, be at this, but i hope those who have the kind of memories i do manage to make it there. they're good lads, you know, doing their thing, entertaining. it's no bad thing, really, wanting to help people have a laugh and make them smile.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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