Sunday, August 03, 2014

£2.47 of DVD

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well, no idea when i will get to watch these, but i will find the time, i fear. fear? yes, fear. i have indeed done that thing again in which i purchase DVDs at a moderately low price, knowing that they are likely to be bad but hoping that somehow they turn out to be excellent. actually, that may well be the case with one of these, even though a film of similar promise did not quite go as well as hoped.

anyway, what rubbish / astute and cheap investments did i make this time? behold.

the one that holds the promise of being possibly decent, for it has good reviews, is ManBorg. but let us not pretend that good reviews influenced me here. i stood in the store, knowing that this would be just rubbish, but also knew, as i looked at the box promising a "nazi demon uprising" that i would inevitably handing over
£1 for it; a set of circumstances which did happen.

nope, not watched it yet, but i will. it seems that this film was made on a budget of $1000 or something, and generally people are quite impressed by it.

the rest of the DVDs featured here cost 49p each, and were sold on the basis that they had no boxes with them. 

i am also reasonably excited at the idea of watching The Entity Force, or whatever it is that it got called in other countries around the world. it stars Adam West out of the proper Batman, and Meg Tilly, who was in things like The Big Chill, and all them other films she did.

yeah, the promise of gratuitous violence and nudity was pretty much, as ever, at the centre of my purchasing decisions with these films. the promise does not always deliver of course, but hey ho, nil desperandum, hope springs eternal and all of that. one day i will get an ace film by accident by following this method.

it's unlikely, if we are honest, that it will be Ripper Letter From Hell, but it might be. it has Bruce Payne who was in Passenger 57 (no, the white guy), and indeed Jürgen Prochnow, who has been in such masterpieces of cinema as Beverly Hills Cop II, Body Of Evidence and Judge Dredd.

i am assuming that this one is all in some way linked to all that Jack The Ripper stuff, although it seems to be set in America, not London. so i don't know.

finally, then, we have Crypt Of The Living Dead to look forward to. as far as i can see more people debate whether or not it's supposed to be in colour or intentional monochrome ("black and white") that comment on the film, which does not hold much promise. who is in it? well, the film is as old as i am, so i would imagine everyone involved is now dead, so it probably doesn't matter. 

no, i don't really care if it is in colour or not. i will have a gander at it "eventually" and see if it holds my interest. the chances would seem very much against it, although very much for it.

will i watch one of them now? doubt it. i wish to punish myself further by reading the last 30 or so pages of this Dinosaur Feather novel, in truth, just to get it finished with. but as and when i do watch one of them, i will try and remember to review it here.

any suggestions or advice in respect of which to watch is very welcome. to comment on this or any post, simply fill in the bits below, or click on the title and it should take you to some sort of comments section.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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