Saturday, August 30, 2014

the South African Post Office is a f****** disgrace

hi there

here we go again folks, usual rant that you have - sadly - seen here time and again.

i have been wondering why exactly post i sent to my dear, beloved mother-in-law over a month ago had yet to turn up. was it, i pondered, the case of usual incompetence? was it theft? or was there, by any chance, another strike on the go? which do you think.

yes, that's right. the lazy, arrogant, incompetent b@stards that are the theoretical employees of the Post Office are indeed on strike once again.

what are they on strike about this time? who cares, really. they never say or announce anything. if it's not being all upset because their greed has got them caught up in a massive and obvious con (see posts from early 2013), it's usually because someone somewhere has the audacity, temerity and outright nerve to expect them to actually do the work they are employed to do and paid for. shame, poor things.

one can only hope the mail i sent does indeed turn up at some point. it would be nice if they could just employ people who accept that getting a job means actually doing the job. if you scour the news and look at how often the SA Post Office is brought to a standstill because of a strike, i would wager you will find close to 6 out of every 12 months over the last 3 years has seen things come to a stop.

and of course all the clowns that go on strike don't lose their jobs. one really does wish they would simply rather p!ss off, get a job they like, and let someone competent get meaningful employment instead.

hey ho.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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