Wednesday, August 06, 2014

shoe festival

hi there

no, this isn't about that. i am sure there is a place in the world called, for some reason, Shoe, and that they have a festival or something one could convincingly, if not plausibly, call a festival. i am not in the business of writing about such things, though.

i have every reason to suspect that a not inconsiderable amount of walking - more than usual - is in my not too distant future, and so i went off to investigate, yes that's right, quality footwear.

let us not mess about here. this isn't a post about me whining of not being able to find some, as you can see in this picture i found some.

the tag on them says they are "weather proof" and that they are "breathable". these are qualities i am not used to putting as a priority in shoes, indeed i didn't in this instance. but it's a lovely, indeed tremendous, thing to be, i guess.

actually, the very first pair i saw, since they were in my size. the lady in the shop, as it happens, said it must be quite work for me to find shoes in my size. i said that indeed it was, and took the opportunity to inform her that the myth about shoe size was not true. which caused her to smile and laugh, which was one good deed for the day, at the least.

are the shoes any good? no, they are ugly, too small, hurt my feet and are very uncomfortable to walk in. is that the answer you were expecting? in truth, they are one of the finest and most comfortable pair of shoes, trainers, boots or whatever you want to call them that i have had in a while. they give the feel of the ones that i had, loved, and knacked to death at Heaton Park, when i saw a band, the name of which escapes me.

i did see a few other pairs i liked the look of, but in the end got these. there were some splendid steel capped ones, but there is little point buying them now, what with Zama so far away from me.

i also saw these - here you go Dad, here's a bit of shoe porn for you. no, i am not buying and sending them to you, the price is very much behind that.

sticking a Ferrari badge on anything seems a good way to charge extra money for it. i wonder what the idea is here; do they make your feet go faster or something?

oh yes. as some of you will have clocked, i did indeed do business with Sports Direct again with the day today to get these. as regular readers will be aware, i love buying there as the money goes to that nice chap Mike Ashley, who then squanders it on rubbish that upsets Newcastle fans.

some of you, for some reason, actually do like the finer details of my quality footwear. here you go then, here's a shot of it in, as it were, action.

yes, Mum, i have been wearing them to "break them in". very comfortable indeed, they are - actually was quite sad to take them off just now.

a bit more red shoe porn for my Dad? why not.

no, no and no, Dad. i am sure the red shoes you can buy over there in Aotearoa are red enough as it is, you don't need imported ones and they probably don't do your size.

will i ever own a pair of red shoes by choice and that fit? i cannot at this stage rule it out, to be honest. i am bound to hit that mid-life crisis thing at some point, or at least my current mid-life crisis will reach that point. at this stage, however, my (considerably) better half has assured me that i am not buying red ones.

if you wanted another look at these new walking things in action, i really would have to ask just what is it that's wrong with you, but also here you go, happy to oblige.

where is it that i will be doing all this walking that inspired the purchase of them? well, i am not sure, but i do know pretty much exactly. i am sure that pictures and that will feature here of wherever i go in them. except, you know, bathrooms and that.

now that i look at them again, them red ones are pretty smart, even if only in an Australian sense. i may well go and get a pair or two of them next week, if they do them in my size. i am sure i will walk everywhere much faster wearing them, and attract loads of chicks too. but chicks dig me anyway, so it will be hard to know which are there for my magnetic personality and which are there just for the shoes. and, of course, there's the double whammy problem of some being there for both. and certain gents that i may well attract, which is flattering.

well, there you have it. sorry, in a real sense, to anyone who had wild, somewhat optimistic, hopes that something of interest would be here in this update. unless you really like shoes, these in particular, and then i guess i am not sorry as you have enjoyed it.

more eventually.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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