Monday, August 25, 2014

ice bucket challenge

hi there

as the entire world seems to be getting nominated for this whole 'ice bucket' thing i suppose it was inevitable that eventually everyone would run out of people that are either memorable or liked and someone would think to shove my name into the mix. i would have preferred not to have been, to be honest, but there you go, and i do appreciate the fact that me mate Payney called me on this one, it is nice to be remembered if not reconsidered.

why would i rather not have been called on this thing? i am somewhat suspect and dubious of it. there is, of course, the obvious side to it - i, and a great many others, know exactly how these sms / text donations work and, well, let's just say that they precise amount you give is rather seldom, if at all, the precise amount that ends up where you think. when it comes to these general, international sort of "giving" causes, i engage only when i know exactly who and what is involved, and i don't know anything of this one, so no thanks.

at the risk of being all Smashie & Nicey, who "do a lot of good work for charity but don't like to talk about it", i do my own thing, really, and it's always more in a sort of ground level, direct and practical way. this is pretty much a conversation i do not wish to have, really - everyone just go ahead and do whatever it is that they feel they should do to help or support any people, animals or cause, or don't for that matter. wear it as a badge of honour, do it silently, as you will and as you do, look you see. rather just look at this rather awful attempt to take a selfie as i walked around in my smart new Heath as the Joker t-shirt. yeah, it is a bit too big on me, but it is remarkably comfortable and looks smart.

anyhow, ice bucket challenge. Payney nominated us and that, so i felt compelled to do something or other in response, to show support and whatever for those who are doing it. it struck me as a pretty good idea to do this, then.

oh you can be sure that when we have the technology available to us, i will most certainly be doing the "frozen in carbonite" challenge for any cause you care to name.

anyway, hope you in some capacity enjoyed or appreciated my contribution, and i wish the very best of luck to all those who go ahead and do this challenge thing.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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