Wednesday, August 20, 2014

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hi there

sorry! merchandise blog posts always seem, to me at the least, rather indulgent and indeed bourgeois. why do i do them, then? well, not to show off, believe it or not, but because i promised one or two people, one in particular, that if i purchased anything of interest i would do a report on it here.

one thing i didn't buy today, alas, was a novel called The Last Tiger by Tony Black. neither of the booksellers of books that are new in town felt the need to stock it. probably because amazon are selling a kindle version of it for 99p. which is nice, but of fat to no use to me and my kobo.

i did not actually purchase the below today, but it did land today. and yes, this is one of those rare, strange and unusual cases of me buying a shirt, as you can see, that is too large for me.

yes, even though i am of a large size, the one i guessed at being the right size when i ordered online. there is no consistency in sizes, look you see. some places i can get an XL shirt and it is like a tent on me; some places sell '4XL' and they are too small. i wish someone would do a law to sort it out, rather than everyone for themselves, but i suppose politicians are too busy making laws about sizes of bananas and things.

anyway, it matters not that it is a bit large - it just makes Heath Ledger look all the more awesome, does it not? i look forward to walking around in this one!

away from shopping for a bit, and a look at what the boys did today. also, for the sharp eyed, a glimpse of my (considerably) better half, who momentarily either forgot how mirrors work of forgot that she is not, as point of fact, a vampire.

yes, it is indeed a den they have built. and no, their room is usually not so clean looking; i believe they tidied up to make way for the den, so it's all win for me, really.

speaking of my (considerably) better half, the other purchase made pertains mostly, if not solely, to her good self. or rather, on her behalf for the sake of my wallet. she has, for some reason, taken a shine to dropping that iPod i got her, testing the patience of it.

i decided some sort of case would be a good idea, then.

oh yes, she picked it. i had selected a lovely, beautiful even, pink one, but she was having none of it.

anyway, it fits very well onto the iPod model, so it does what it says on the box. there is, alas, a bit of a problem with it, but we shall get to that later on. later on, that is, instead of me editing this and posting it above, i suppose.

anyway, this novel that Sharpy says is class (he read it twice in the same week, apparently, so you have to figure at least once the book was the right way around) and how amazon seem to have killed the market for the paperback of it.

as i am not purchasing a kindle - i have seen and heard enough horror stories to be led to believe that it is such a restrictive device that Apple would be proud to call it one of theirs - just to get it for 99p, so i have had a look at this "kindle for PC" software, to see if via this it cannot somehow end up on my kobo.

an interesting thing happened when i put the kindle software on, though.

yay. i have a copy of Pride & Prejudice by Ms Austen. whether i wanted it or not. having already read it, twice i suspect, i did not really want to have it again, frankly. as far as i remember there's a whole load of waffle about how fancy and magisterial some letter looks, and then some other things.

so, back to the den. a look inside it? why not, dear reader, why not?

looks smart, that does!

you also probably would really rather have a look at that Heath Ledger t-shirt i picked up, but a look at it without having to see me or block me out. not the best quality image, and i probably could have "centred" it a bit, but never mind, here you go.

really looking forward to wearing this one and going for a walk around, even if it does end up dragging down around my feet, i suppose.

right, that iPod cover, or casing, or whatever. the problem we have is not really the fault of the casing, methinks, but rather to do with the Azatom (or whatever) iWake docking station. i bought it for that fancy spinning wheel thing, so i am at fault, really. sadly, the ipod in the casing does not connect propery to it, so one cannot either hear the vibes or charge it up in it. darn.

"ooh look, it has a spinning wheel on it" was, in retrospect, a really bad decision on which to base my purchase. it doesn't even have DAB radio, either.

the case is lovely, and all that, so this may well be a sign to say "just get another docking station", to be honest.

anyway, let me go and have a look at this whole kindle for pc / amazon thing, and wonder about when it was that my life got to the point that investing 99p in a book because Sharpy said so became a challenge.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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