Sunday, August 03, 2014

right wing iron water

hello there

i was out shopping today. i saw something that was so particularly stupid that i felt compelled, if not obliged, to buy it (it was cheap) so that my (considerably) better half could gaze upon it and admire the stupidity which i had seen in the shop. as it turns out, it is an item that is even more stupider than i had assumed from an at a glance look, but we will get there.

this, ladies and gents. is ironing water. or if you like, look you see, it is purple freesia & bergamot (whatever the hell that all is) ironing water. yes, an iron that you iron clothes with.

i assure you the amusement value of this did not exceed, in costs, a pound. i think it was about 75p.

so this is where the world is at, is it? for generations people have made do with water out of a tap for ironing clothes with, or if they have been particularly posh or fussy i imagine they have used boiled then cooled down water. cooled down is an exciting term, by the way, and we shall visit it again here later.

gilde through your ironing, it says, adding a fresh, floral fragrance that lasts. really? the water that you put in an iron makes ironing easier, does it? that is, surely, what the claim being made there is. and isn't the idea of washing them, with detergents, conditioner and other such rubbish, to make them smell nice? too peculiar not to purchase, this was, and it was purple. my (considerably) better half likes purple things, so she was bound to quite like this. especially, as we have seen over the course of this year, as she is rather partial to gifts which relate to ironing matters.

what neither of us suspected, i believe, was for it to be all so draconian and, indeed, as right wing as it is. quite extreme in its terms, conditions and demands it is - to the extend that i am really rather surprised that one is allowed to buy it without proving the master race status, the pure and unclouded genetics of the iron you plan on using it in.

i am not sure you can make out all the comments, warnings, directions for use and all that on this bottle. that there are so many of them probably tells you there's something amiss here, for after all this is only water that you bung in an iron.

highlights of the warnings would be that you must use it "pure", as in not mix it with lesser water. also, you may only use it for one fill at a time. which means if you have a lot of ironing, that needs more than one tanker full of water, the sellers of this water expect you to just stop, yeah?

also, you can only put it in a cooled down (there i told you) iron. what's that all about? how about "before you iron"? why would one heat up an iron and then cool it down to put the water in?

this is probably the most non-overtly political thing that is right wing i have seen this year. which is odd, as i thought that would be that whole thing moral crusaders are going off on over on facebook. you know, where to show how hip and with it they are, people are saying "if you like or share this and that, i will delete you, as it is against freedom of speech", seemingly missing the mild amusement of suppressing freedom of expression in others in their righteousness, and assuming that being "deleted" or "unfriended" off of facebook is something that actually holds any gravitas or similar importance. quite, quite baffling, but hey ho, if you need your own righteousness to be confirmed and adored, go for it. such strict control mechanisms in pace over what is essentially water with some vanilla essence (or similar) shoved in, however, really does trump it.

does it do what it says on the bottle? not really. my (considerably) better half seems to suggest it does the same thing in an iron as conventional water, only will a slightly more elevated scent to it.

be sure to follow the instructions if you try this stuff yourself. you don't want, after all, either the water or the iron police knocking on your door.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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