Saturday, August 30, 2014

90s nostalgia

hi there

yes, more shopping.

as our new set of wheels (no, i have not been permitted to drive it yet) has a stag that makes vibes, or if you like it has a stereo fitted which is armed and fully operational, i thought i would call in at one of my most favourite stores and have a look for some tunes to play in it, or on it, depending on how you have read this sentence thus far. i found some, as i think you have clocked, hence this post.

a look at them? sure, why not.

yeah, you will have to have a look at the previous post i made for an explanation as to what's going on with the corners of the pictures i post here. or not, if you are not all that bothered about it.

and yes indeed, 3 for £5 is what i paid to own these. as it turns out, if you follow the links, you will see how i could have got them even cheaper, but then i would not have had the fun of looking for them and finding them, and i would not have had the immediacy of buying them and having them to play straight away. 

the one i have the least interest in is most likely the one that many will be more interested in. that will be the soundtrack for The Crow, which my (considerably) better half was delighted that i picked up, look you see.

for all you kids out there that think downloads are so great and keep hearing how you are missing out on classic elements of music, such as artwork and attention to detail, here you go, have a look at how stunning the actual CD is.

as nice as it looks, i cannot say i am all that bothered about this disc. the soundtrack was all right, i suppose, but the film really was, to me, mediocre bordering on ghastly. my view is that if Brandon Lee had not, and yes indeed this was sadly, died during the filming, this movie would have drifted away to direct-to-video obscurity and been mostly forgotten about. and we probably would not have had to endure the far more horrid sequels that they keep churning out.

still, i am aware that most actually really liked the film and that, hence the above picture, and indeed a few more to follow. onwards, then, to the one i am really excited about. it is a CD set that i had the tape version of, but oddly it did not feature in the blog post i just linked to. hopefully i do still have the tapes somewhere.

yeah, i know that it's not really easy to read the tracklisting there, so here's the obligatory link to amazon, a place where i note you can buy this set yourself for 1p, plus a pound or so in postage. well worth it.

i bought the tapes of this on a trip to England, i think 97. the tapes were promptly played on the flight back to South Africa, and then in the car for about a year or so, solid. it's a note perfect mix of top tunes, it is, with only one or two dud numbers on it.

yes, OK, you want to see more of the soundtrack for The Crow. very well, here is the back of the booklet, with Brandon Lee doing whatever the hell it is he does in the film.

the third set i picked up? that would be something called the Best Of British, a 2 CD set which looked like it had a pretty good mix on it. not every song on it is one that i would want, but for the most part it looked like it would do the job. the point of the purchases was, lest we forget, to have a mix of vibes in the car. so it does that job.

from what i can work out that set was put together off of votes from the public, and in some way related to the celebrations of the Queen's Jubilee. the one from 2002, i think, not 2012. it is interesting to see that no one, or few, voted for Kate Bush to be on it, yet Atomic Kitten got the nod.

i think it was the 2012 celebrations which saw Grace Jones do that thing with the hula hoop, so no, in answer to any question you might have in relation to that. also i don't think she qualifies for a best of British, as absolutely ace as she is.

another picture of me in my anchor shirt, then, wandering around, listening to some vibes.

what was i listening to? oddly, Tommy by The Who. i suppose, really, i should have had Six Months In A Leaky Boat on the go, but i did not think of it.

has my anchor shirt in any way thus far been some sort of magnet for salty sea dogs? not really. it has not attracted anyone to me, thus far, who would not be drawn anyway, or at the least had some sort of requirement or obligation to speak to me. in fairness i did not go anywhere near any docks with it. actually i was close to some docks, but not exactly at them.

do i particularly want to attract the attention of a salty sea dog? not really. on the bus every now and then there are some gents that look like they might have been salty sea dogs, or are in the stages of meeting their aspirations to be just that. for the most part, other than the classical sailor look of beard and weather worn skin, they tend to smell of an anything but subtle blend of whiskey and wee. if that is the sort of chap i wished to be in the company of, i could simply go and live with Spiros, really.

i really am rather thrilled to have found that 'The Best....Ever' set on CD. i believe it is volume 5 of the series of releases. i have looked at the other volumes, and then seem OK, just not as sensational and brilliant as that one. if some of the others are halfway decent looking at 1p or so a go, i might have a pop at a purchase. but i am happy with what i have for now.

even that Your Woman song, which does the annoying, Moog-like sample of the 'Jedi Theme' from Star Trek or whatever, does not sound so bad in the overall mix of the tape / CD. 

another look at the CD of the soundtrack of the film of The Crow? go on then.

yeah, that soundtrack mix is, no matter what reservations i have of the film, pretty darned good.

i had no idea at all that there could ever be such a thing as nostalgia for the nineties, but i suppose, for the most part with these discs, this is what i have delved into. hey ho.

if you decide to pick any of these up, or dig out your own copies, happy listening!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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