Friday, August 15, 2014

postal joy

hi there

i have nothing but good news about the postal system here, you may be pleased to know. or not, if good news is the sort of thing that upsets you.

first off, and perhaps of most interest to all, i am delighted to report that Spiros has got the special sauce i, and by reading about it you, sent him yesterday. 

more on that just now, but in the mean time i too got an item in the mail today.

yes, that's me holding it, in case you were wondering.

what did i get? well, it was not sauce, and it was not off of Spiros. this, i appreciate, does not quite narrow it down for the majority of casual readers.

instead, it was this item off of Sharpy.

yeah, i know that the picture quality is not all that it could be - trust me, had i not noticed myself, it would have been ok, for Sharpy has not ceased to point out the low grade quality of image. go, by all means, take it up with whoever makes BlackBerry things, if you are all that bothered about it.

what is it? some sort of pink Darth Vader thing. the comments Sharpy made in the letter that came with it indicate that it has many possible purposes - some, even, that one would not naturally think of - put at heart it seems to be something that you are supposed to shove on a pencil.

here, does making it larger improve the picture quality at all?

no. oh.

for some reason Sharpy seems to think that i might not have a pencil, hence, i suppose, his various other suggestions as for what to do with it. one or two of them suggestions, i will have you know, will be things i shall most certainly not do with it, for it will just lead to unneccessarily complex and quite possibly embarrassing conversations with a medical professional.

speaking of which, Spiros has tried the sauce a bit. he also forced someone from Penang to try it too. i am hopeful that he will be sending pictures or a video, but for now the comment is that the bloke from Penang, or maybe Kuala Lumpur, is currently afraid of the idea of sneezing.

as for Spiros himself, he has commented so far that his mouth hurts the most, but let it be known that, at this stage, his arse is waving a white flag and admits defeat.

on that note, another excellent image of the pink Darth Vader, for all you crazy Star Trek fans. or whatever he was in, that one with the swords, i think.

that will do for now, and possibly for the day - it depends on whether or not Spiros sends any videos or pictures, and indeed if i can be bothered to post them.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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